10 Levels of card shuffling #shorts #asmr #cardshuffling #cardshuffle #viralshort #viral_video - c4gamingstudio.com

10 Levels of card shuffling #shorts #asmr #cardshuffling #cardshuffle #viralshort #viral_video

Silas Noyes
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  1. My brain saying to me that there must be in-between levels from lev 1 to Lev 2 right ?

  2. I hope you are sponsored cause you are making them Money.

  3. Me using level 3 to play care game with my friend:

  4. I feel like most of those are cuts, not shuffles.

  5. This video should be at least 10x times longer, but human attention span levels made it impossible to be longer than this

  6. you had a couple of fumbles, but quickly recovered to the point where most people wouldn't notice. Don't worry padawan, you'll make it there one day keep practicing most people already think you are a Jedi Master at it. Just keep striding through life like you currently are doing.

  7. There is now .., a level zero

    – Master Shifu

  8. Level 1 is the only one that actually shuffles the cards up tho

  9. Level 9 is prob the most useless tbh, he shuffled at most 9 cards with that.

  10. There's that type of people, and then there's me, who can't pull even 1 of those without dropping all cards 😒

  11. I wonder what it looks like in first person 😁

  12. These are tricks and not shuffle techniques

  13. Wrong. Level one is taking half the deck and like mashing it together taking like 3 minutes hitting them against the table to try and make them uniform then doing it again.

  14. Confused with level 6 because he doesn't show how he separated the cards and then just puts one stack on top the other.

  15. Dang, now if only the majority of these were actually shuffling and not just fancy cuts.

  16. When i press 'Y' in valorant
    My gun :

  17. I wouldn’t say level 3 is a shuffle.

  18. Level 2 And Level 5 Are The Best, The Rest Are Kinda Lame

  19. Bro just said "Skill Issue" to us on several different Levels 😂😂😂

  20. I thought you meant tcg cards I got worried that's awesome and those cards look sick

  21. This guy must have ten little brains in the fingers, just like octopus

  22. I think bro forgot to add the 3 zeros after each number 💀

  23. The deck I used is the Sword playing cards by Card mafia! You can also get them at Rare playing cards!

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