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100 Hilarious Pokemon Card Moves

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The Pokemon Trading Card Game has a LOT more attacks than the main series games, which results in a lot of these moves being ridiculous and hilarious.
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  1. If you put CC on during the continuous lick it says ‘not eh-le, it’s eh-le-le-le-le

  2. I think tender tentacles can be a status move to reduce the enemy's attack

  3. use everyone explode now! everyone explodes


  5. i have the chupi pichu i was holding it when it showed up

  6. Normally… Normally the tentacles no no no this time there tender

  7. 10:01 tender tentacles. him…:The floor tentacles are drowning me

  8. Claim the ticket if your watching this after the Scarlet and Violet Games where announced

  9. I traded a licks licky and it had a move called “Licks Go Crazy” lol

  10. Use grope!

    Sentret is now a registered sex offender

  11. i have a slowbro with the move "walk off homer" and when you use it and there's only one prize card left ,you win
    i just find it funny that you can just walk off and win

  12. I was dying of laughter

  13. Why can’t I dance to the nightmare mambo at the club

  14. Ironic how before this i got a pokemon card ad

  15. 6:29 He had 15 restraining orders and has to be 60 yards from any school

  16. I was balling crying because I was laughing so hard

  17. 9:29 I think it's "suspicious" because Porygon-Z is an unauthorized mod of Porygon2.

  18. You forgot Shining Legends Incineroar's Profane Punch, Japanese name Goddamn Punch.

  19. I can see heavy from tf2 just shooting heads

  20. Although Me first is a pretty known TGC move i think it’s logic is funny

  21. Do The Wave was known by Wigglytuff in base set

  22. Helicóptero
    Is Helicopter in Spanish

  23. If only bisexuality existed amongst pokemon

  24. When you say cursing deeply you sound like prestonplayz

  25. "The defending pokemon is now bisexual"

  26. Once I found everyone explode now, I basically died from laughter lmao lmao lmao

  27. The tender tentacles always make me laugh. The grope is bad. And I use 2 have the bewear hug card in the past though. The intentional grounding is interesting

  28. When I was five I got three grope sentrets in one pack

  29. Speaking of the Pokémon tcg I HAVE 7 WINGULLS

  30. The Gorebyss also had Psychic nap and im like🙃

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