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11 More New Player Questions Answered (Arkham Horror: The Card Game)

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Justin is back to answer 11 more new player questions! Do you have any other questions? Let us know in the comments and, if we get enough, we’ll make another video in this series!

10 New Player Questions Answered:
Understanding Investigator Roles:

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  1. does an enemy that exhausts disengage? seen a video where you guys said when an enemy attacks they exhaust, if so would that mean when an enemy attacks they disengage and they ready and reengage allowing the team to choose who they engage with, or allowing the enemy to engage a prey at the location it wasnt engaged with during its attack, or allow samaras to get a resources when the enemy reengages her after an attack?

  2. Just after you said "Now, a moment of silence for my Minh that my Mark Harrigan shot to death", an ad started playing with very sad/dramatic music and I thought it was pretty funny. That's it, I just had to share it haha.

  3. If an area has one clue and I succeeded while using the card to get an extra clue, do I or is it limited by the area only having a single clue?

  4. Do upgraded investigators need to he reset when starting a new scenario? Or do I use my upgraded deck?

  5. Thank you for your videos! As a player who is extremely new to the game I have so many dumb questions and they mostly got covered by this series!

  6. Bit of an odd question but could I pretend I own the actual card even if I dont? I'm referring to permanent cards such as charisma that come into play right out the gate without having to draw it so if I know what it does and what it costs to acquire could I just say at the end of a campaign "i'm spending three of my victory points to unlock charisma and reducing my deck size to 29".

  7. Confused about what you say about shortcut. I understand that using it doesn't trigger AOOs, but why wouldn't the enemy move with you? I've always played it and seen it played as an enemy engaged with you moves too.

  8. If you attack an enemy, other investigator is engaged with, and your attack has +1 damage, does the other investigator get 2 damages if you miss?

  9. Number 1: Enemies move, engage and attack in the enemy phase in the same round

  10. We usually play with 3 players, and we always play a fighter and a cluever. The third investigator nearly always is a dodger/fighter or dodger/cluever. You usually don`t need to dodge most opponents, but you on occasion will meet some enemies which are best dealt with when dodged (big monsters with too many health to kill them in one round or enemies with retaliate which are hard to hit). Being able to dodge an enemy from time to time makes the game much easier. But you will be able to use your actions to advance the agenda or fight monsters while there is nothing to dodge. Rogues are great at this, because they often have high agility and ways to exploit it beyond dodging.

  11. I feel dumb for not considering Two-handed as a format option. Guess I just assumed in the Mythos you faced the unknowable alone.Playing Two-handed should give me insight into how I'll teach my friends to play the game. Thanks.

  12. I have a question about attack of opportunity: does the reaction triggered ability (not the bolt or the arrow, the other one) cause an attack of opportunity from an enemy i'm engaged with? I'm new to the game and reading the rules i know that only some actions do it but in the faq, section Ruling and Clarification, at 1.1 and 1.2 it seems that only the bolt doesn't cause AoO over all the triggered abilities.

  13. Can I put a third copy of a card (by name) in my deck when I upgrade it without removing an other copy? The rulebook states the two card-maximum just in the part for deckbuilding not upgrading. But I'm not sure how its meant.

  14. Does the enemy do AoO when the engaged investigator is moved by another investigator outside of his turn? Like with the Prophesiae book or some other seeker card used by another investigator.

  15. These are very helpful videos, man. Thank you.

  16. New question rises when I play thru the Circle Undone campaign, is it true that the parley action could only be used when the enemy is in my threat zone? Can I use the parley action on a aloof enemy in my location but not engaged with it, or in other investigator threat zone but same location with me? It confused me when I play thru the heretics which it has 〽️ Parley – spend 1 clue per investigator to check the back side of the heretic. But since the heretics got aloof trait and we cannot engage with it due to the act card, we got confused whether we can use its parley action or not.

  17. Question rises: Can I attack an exhausted enemy not in my threat area but in my location, since the enemy was evaded by other investigator at their turn.

  18. I have a question if anyone is so willing to answer. Does skill testing/ resolving a revelation provoke an attack of opportunity? Would appreciate some help with this one.

  19. What is a clear difference between ligthing and fast keyword ? I often get them confused.

  20. Did not know about the Aloof = must engage action rule. Thank you.

  21. #1 Move and attacks when? In enemy phase when <hunter> moves to your location that isnt exhausted? Or what :○

  22. You make great begnnier videos. Would it be possible for you to make a begnnier video for Marvle Champions? I cannot beat Rhino 2 handed solo with any hero combo.

  23. I’m just getting into the game and these new player question guides are very useful.Could you go more into depth about opportunity attacks? Either in the next questions video or in its own video?

  24. Question for the next video: What happens when I played all the cards in my deck? Do I reshuffle my discard pile and start over?

  25. I've been playing a lot more marvel champions lately and one thing I enjoy in marvel is the hero specific cards makes every hero feel different. I find myself in arkahm building every color a specific way. The worst part is there are not that many level zero cards compared to upgrades.

  26. An unengaged aloof hunter enemy (see Clover Club guy or whiporwills) will move towards another investigator, even if there is an investigator at their location, right?

  27. One thing I realized recently re: exhaust/engage is that the Guardian of the Crystallizer spawns exhausted, but still engaged with your investigator. If you draw it during/before your turn, it won't make attacks of opportunity. You can still evade it to get it off of you, or you can kill it, or it will ready during the next upkeep.

  28. I have a Q: Arkhamdb often lists decks that require a few XP to make. What's the point of these? I'm rubbish at deckbuilding so I'm trying to find different varieties of starter deck and have the gator develop in interesting ways. When would you want one of these XP decks? Just for one-off standalones?

  29. One small detail: when commiting a card, you don't pay its cost. On your presentation, you didn't put an "X" on the cost at the top left corner. Some new players thinks they have to pay to commit a card, you don't.

  30. Awesome video, I appreciate the info on Aloof, even as a fairly "seasoned" player, that keyword still trips me up, I appreciate the info!

  31. Great vid! Silly question… What is the font that you use for the questions? Thanks!

  32. Dang dude. I learned a lot from this one! Thanks. More please!!!

  33. should have put a big X on spectral razor cost as well, new players always try to pay resources when they commit !

  34. Learn something new every day. I didn't know you can't attack an exhausted aloof creature.

  35. Played the 2nd encounter of the Core campaign tonight and we got stumped on what to do when the encounter deck is empty as with 3 of us we ran through it pretty quickly and the rulebook only talks about an empty player deck. We ended up shuffling the encounter deck and all taking 1 horror. We also got the "unique" cards entirely wrong but I blame that on the campaign guide neglecting to explain what that means.
    I'd also like to know a bit more about deck types: it's too early for us to get deep into the building but I'd be interested to know if Arkham has archetypes within the roles, similar to MtG having aggro, midrange, control, combo etc and if they do exist, what the pros and cons are within both encounters and campaigns

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