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1ST PLACE Fin Deck Profile – Texas Akon Regional – Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Cross World TCG
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  1. Quick question, can the leader gain keyword skills of cards under it if said card's keyword is gained through an auto/activate main? Can't find anything for it in the Q&A

  2. Been playing the game for about 3 months now and fin was the first leader I kinda randomly picked and I have been trying to learn what I can…what I don't have is a large group of people or any locals to go to play. Drove 4 hours to play at the tournament for the god rare not thinking enough people would show up but I was very wrong. Got destroyed and I didn't find a single person interested in helping me learn or grow even after the tournament

  3. Quick question about the leader, if you absorb a card with a keyword skill (DS, Crit, or Dual Attack) and return it at the end of the turn with it's skills negated for the game and essentially making it Skill-less, Can you absorb it again and gain the keyword skill seeing how it's stills are negated? I just saw game play that did that and I am under the impression that this cannot be done.

  4. Read the leader and knew its ability had potential.

  5. Is there a secret to knowing what text stops 'auto' effects on play? All I can think of is counter cards that say "Instead of being played"

  6. Hell yea!! They’ve been running the deck since it came out

  7. Amazing build and meta choice. Congrats on a dub!

  8. thanks for this! I have also enjoyed playing this deck since saiyan showdown, my fave set yo! So many powerful cards and leaders in that set that are underrated 🙂 Interesting choices for his build, I'll test them with my current build.

  9. you guys lost me at "hard cast" haha is this magic the gathering? are we casting spells now? lol

  10. curious, why not use the majin buu unison instead of bardock unison? What is the ruling I hear about skills being removed from the game, but then the battle cards gaining them back?

  11. Just when I wanted to play fin, it tops. Fuck yeah 🤌

  12. Fin is forsure slept on my only question is in the video was he said if they answered Mira vow to the creator he goes into ss4 gogeta but u can’t really do that because u warp ur targets and they need to be in the drop area so yeah

    You could do ss3 gogeta then ss4 gogeta but that’s a turn 5 play not turn 4 so yeah

  13. Fin is so fun. Played against yellow, they were tapped out, was able to play 8 drop fin and get a turles under leader and swung 70 DS. They outcombod, Mira came out warped everything I just combo’d and was able to swing 80 DS after. Lmao too much fun

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