2 New Wrestling Card Games!! Could they BEAT WWE SuperCard? - c4gamingstudio.com

2 New Wrestling Card Games!! Could they BEAT WWE SuperCard?

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There is some huge potential in both games..

Thanks to the Developers of WrestleDeck and Mark Out! for the extra special close look at both games in development.

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(Note: Giveaway for Mark Out includes 2 Keys for PC Version of the game. Winner requires Steam to download and play the early access release.)


  1. These both look amazing and will be good competition for supercard

  2. Mark out looks great 👍 and SmackDown vs raw the first one.

  3. Is wrestledeck run by cat daddy I've played supercard from season 1 and hate making complaints to cat daddy as they never sort out anything they don't amend anything they just give u a pasted answer and shut ya ticket down after 7 days every time I would definitely jump from supercard if it wasn't run by cat daddy

  4. Thanks for putting this together JB. I have been looking at Mark Out but hadn't had the time to download and start yet. The other game is very interesting to me as a season 1 to present player of Supercard who misses some of the old-school feel (although still glad pcc is gone. lol). I will definitely check out Wrestledeck when it comes out. I hope you keep us informed on it. My favorite wrestling game of all time is Extreme Warfare/Total Extreme Wrestling. The depth of the roster and control over all aspects of your wrestling federation are the ultimate in simulation. If you haven't tried the game you really should. You won't be disappointed with the quality of the game(s).

  5. Mark Out looks amazing. I always was a huge fan of games, where u can push your creativity to the limit, especially when it comes to making your own wrestler. Huge thumbs up!

  6. Both new games look very nice..👏🏻👏🏻

  7. my favorite wrestling is wwe2k19 because that was the last good game

  8. My favorite wwe game is 2K14. I spent hours creating everything possible.

  9. JB, these 2 new games look sick.

  10. My favorite wrestling game out of the ones I have played because there are a few I haven't played is probably HCTP. My top 3 is HCTP, 2K14, and SVR 09.

  11. My favorite wrestling game has to be wwe 2k19

  12. Favorite wrestling game is probably still SvR 2008. First real wrestling game I played, loved the silly storylines, I sank so many hours into it. 😀

  13. I think that is awesome. Smackdown here comes the pain

  14. I feel like I’m alone in that my fav wwe game is 2k15. Showcase and who got nxt was legendary!

  15. Ik this has nothing to do with what this video is talking about but have u ever noticed that the gothic and mania 35 images for randy orton are the exact same just one has his little vest thing he wears

  16. Thank you for sharing the information I really want to try mark out

  17. WCW vs. NWO Revenge and WWF No Mercy. Both by THQ and AKI. Both on the N64. Thee best wrestling games ever got game play. Spend so much time as a teenager, playing those games. Me and my Cousin would make up whole wrestling events on them.

  18. Been holding my breath for 23 years now, don’t plan on stopping soon.

  19. My favorite Wrestling Game of all Time is probably 2k16

  20. There's been space in the market for a digital version of Raw Deal – a paper CCG wrestling card game from about 20 years ago. Mark Out might be that game. It looks like a cross between that and a Rogue Lite. Could be very good.

  21. My favorite wrestling game is the battleground and wwe here comes the pain

  22. I'll just stick with supercard wrestle deck and mark out just aren't the games for me they look good just not the games for me

  23. My favorite game is Smackdown Vs. Raw 2006

  24. Favorite wrestling game: Fire Pro Wrestling by far!

  25. Where can you find these games i looked on google play store and even typed it in the web browser but cant find it anywhere? Please help

  26. I'm currently on my 4th break from supercard just bought special edge, pro I'm open to new games tbh this bore games made me. Realise I'm taking a break until next season maybe…

  27. I mean mark out didn't really come out of nowhere

  28. Am I the only one who remembers WWF With Authority card game for the PC? They should bring that back and make it for mobile

  29. My favorite wrestling game is svr2011. It is very nostalgic for me.

  30. I grew up playing Nes wrestling games but I'm still always going to be partial to the N64 games. I loved wcw nitro and thunder. The intros were amazing

  31. Game looks pretty cool .my favorite wrestling game all time is WWE Wrestlemania 2000

  32. SuperCard is my favourite wwe game played it for years I love it

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