2016 AL Wild Card Game, Orioles vs. Blue Jays (Epic Edwin Walk-Off) | #MLBAtHome - c4gamingstudio.com

2016 AL Wild Card Game, Orioles vs. Blue Jays (Epic Edwin Walk-Off) | #MLBAtHome

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The Orioles and Blue Jays were locked up for most of the 2016 AL Wild Card game, until Edwin Encarnacion stepped up tot he plate in extra innings. Rewatch the classic Wild Card game in it’s glory here!

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  1. 2:31:41 The Orioles Side of me:😬😭The Blue Jays Side of me:😁😀😃💪🇺🇸🇨🇦⚾️

  2. To be honest, I knew about Joey Bats' homer against Texas, but since I'm a Cubs fan I was so tunnel-vision on the NL that I don't even remember this game. That's a great atmosphere. Imagine what it'll be like if/when the Leafs win the Cup again.

  3. That real should be kept to show MLB that our fans and are atmosphere sells baseball like not many others. Lets go Nats, gave us a hard enough time in Aug ya buggers, now show the Bo-ssox what your still made of SOTO..GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo

  4. Al wild card game: all endingsNeutral ending: you won the game but lost the aldsGood ending: you went all the way to the Alcs before losing to the Indians Bad ending: you let Jimenez pitch and he blew itBest ending: you won the World Series!Britton ending: you brought in the best closer in baseball and he pitched wellInfinity ending: the two teams trade zeros forever

  5. I swear when the Blue Jays win big, you always have the cameras shaking. I really have to go to one of their postseason games, if they ever make it back.

  6. Bro the MLB messed up in the description, they said "until Edwin Encarnacion stepped up tot he plate…"

  7. i always thought canadians were nice people, but during post season they are ruthless

    in 2015 they were throwing stuff onto the field, and then some dude throws a full can and kim trying to make a catch

  8. Four years later western civilization has collapsed. Everyone in the world is locked down and can't leave home except to buy food, which is disappointing from most grocery stores. If you do go out you have to wear a face mask or hazmat suit and you must remain at least 6 feet away from everyone. All professional sports are suspended indefinitely and you can't even go to church. And there's no end in sight

  9. Orioles used to be a real good competitive team :O 🙁

  10. its a shame what happened to Michael Saunders he was given a second chance though and then floundered with minor league teams

  11. Thank you too: Edwin, Jose, Saunders, Mr. Martin, JD only second MVP from a Jays team.. Thank you for some entertaining ball. I'll check in from time to time.

  12. Stupid decision by Buck not using Zach Britton in the game (extra innings)

  13. Anyone think Toronto can make the playoffs by 2021.

  14. First season Toronto played in the Skydome without the sliding pits.

  15. Ever since Ubaldo Jimenez gave up the walk off home run to Edwin the Orioles haven't been the same lol

  16. Mlb YouTube interns: How many baseball games are we going to upload each day? Mlb: yes

  17. He threw it 91 mph right down the middle….why was Britton still in the pen🙄

  18. That old lady behind home plate….who goes to every game…didn’t even see Edwins home run! The guy in the white jersey with the parrot blocked her view! What bad timing for her😭

  19. Edwin the best but gone for the jays then the Yankees took him

  20. I'm not rooting for the city of Toronto or Jays organization, but it is the energy expressed by the crowds that makes me want to cheer for 'em

  21. Love my Blue Jays..can't wait for the season to resume. Thanks MLB for posting these games on YouTube!

  22. Showalter did the same thing in the 1995 ALDS Game 5. Left his closer in the bullpen in extra innings and instead went to a veteran starter, with similar results: Walk-off hit by the DH.

  23. A tremendous ending to a tremendous game.

  24. 20:28-Bautista Solo Home Run (1-0 Blue Jays)
    43:26-Trumbo’s 2 Run Home Run (2-1 Orioles)
    1:10:56-Carrera’s RBI Single (2-2 Tied)
    2:31:58-Edwin’s Walk Off 3 Run Home Run Blue Jays Win 5-2

  25. Ubaldo Jimenez: Pitch #1: Ball, not even close. Pitch #2: Called Strike. Pitch #3 Down the middle, single. Pitch #4 Flat fastball, single. Pitch #5: Down the middle, three-run game-winning homer. THE WORST pitching performance I have ever seen, and THE WORST managerial decision in history.

  26. Most electric home run in Blue Jays history:
    Carter wins WS in '93
    Bautista bat flips Blue Jays into ALCS in '15
    or 2:31:55

  27. Like crazies we brought our 1 month old baby son in his blue jays onesie to this game in sound proof head phones. He was passed out till Eddie hit that bomb and his eye balls looked like confused dinner plates! (he has been a Jr Jays fan ever since and loves all the pics/vids!)

  28. The abaft tempo extraorally name because call unexpectedly happen from a upset tongue. devilish, aboard hydrofoil

  29. I'll never understand how Ubaldo Jiménez gave up 3 straight hits on 3 straight pitches…

  30. This was the last postseason that both teams played in.

    P.S: before 2020

  31. Announcer: mentions double plays

    Edwin: I can’t hear you

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