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2018 Pokémon North America International Championships: TCG Masters Finals

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Watch Tord battle Stéphane in the finals of the 2018 Pokémon Trading Card Game North America International Championships Masters Division (match starts at 4:38)! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site:


  1. I have no idea how to play Pokemon Card like this

  2. I just want to learn how to card it up man

  3. I have 551 pokemon cards i battle with my big sister i have 2 ultra beast cards

  4. Me in school: I can answer 20+1
    Me counting damage in pokemon:909767%9987900987^¥>]¦]^]^]}]|[^;™<[^[¿`>[|€[^`~]<[¦;^

  5. I’m going home 🏠 I want a big cake 🧁 was my Sunday morning thank everyone so I have to get them out to eat

  6. I played mtg competitive. Never learned or knew anyone who actually played Pokémon rofl. But I sure collected them.

  7. How are people winning they didnt even call uno

  8. I like how everyone has good sportsmanship

  9. Can we have the Pokémon pop out of the cards and battle AR style

  10. I guess that Pokemon battles in real life wouldn't be that boring.

  11. Ok I don’t know what happen in the end of the first round he used Guzma but tord still had cards !?

  12. When I played this game it was all about math and making the biggest dramatic killing noise when you kill the other’s pokemon

  13. Am I the only one that feels less skilled even just from how fast and smooth they handle their cards? I drop mine sometimes lmao

  14. Wait what that was a royal flush how did he lose

  15. I remember playing this with my friends back in elementary. And whenever a move we used required a coin to be flipped we would flip a pokemon card instead since we didn't have any coins.

  16. Can someone explain why pokemon card worth 300k?

  17. I love how both these dudes are literally the default setting for Caucasian

  18. rookies, they dont slam their cards to their opponents card to show that they are attacking smh

  19. Honestly thought they would just throw the cards and see who gets heads lel no idea

  20. I want to entry Pokémon championship i have morpeko vmax 300 hp and cramorant v 200

  21. The best way to play Pokémon is to just battle without energy and all that complicated shit

  22. My dream is to one day join a tournament and win

  23. I just watched a 1 hour Pokémon battle with cards why?

  24. In future, i hope holograms will exist. Imagine that epic scenes in cards. Pufff

  25. This is what Pokemon is supposed to be not gambling money

  26. I thought I was good at pokemon until I saw these dudes

  27. I was in the audience at Columbus Go Bucks and everyone should play this game at home if u can it’s fun

  28. If anyone is interested in learning the card game I highly recommend playing on the TCG Online game! It teaches a whole lot and you are able to play with people around the world

  29. When I was ten I played in the super trainer showdown and was in the top 50. Im 33 now . Haven’t played since. To see this brings back memories.

  30. I have a Pokémon channel but it only has 8 subscribers 🙁

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