2019 NL Wild Card Game, Brewers vs. Nationals (Nats' awesome comeback) | #MLBAtHome - c4gamingstudio.com

2019 NL Wild Card Game, Brewers vs. Nationals (Nats’ awesome comeback) | #MLBAtHome

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The 2019 NL Wild Card Game turned out to be one of the most exciting WC games, as the Nats made a late push led by young star Juan Soto.

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  1. Every time I hear Ron Darling it surprises me that he has a job.

  2. Say what you want about the “pace” of baseball compared to other sports, if a team is down 3 touchdowns in the NFL with 6 minutes left in the 4th they’re highly unlikely to come back. In baseball the swings are so intense and fast. The Brewers were cruising and just needed 4 more outs and all of a sudden only had 3 themselves to survive…crazy game.

  3. Eric Thames has played Pro baseball in 3 different countries. He had a 3+1 with the Brewers but even though his OPS with them was 848 through 3 seasons they didn’t exercise the 4th year option for 7 million which is kind of odd.

  4. Andrew Stevenson from my hometown of Lafayette La. Didn’t know that. Hopefully he gets back to the majors

  5. Robles might be a great fielder but he seems legit scared of the ball when he’s in the box.

  6. I'm not intentionally knocking the Brewers here (OK, MAYBE A TAD)But they're becoming more and more like the Packers every year in the postseason…

  7. Grisham straight chillin in right.

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