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2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships: TCG Masters Division Finals

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Watch Nico battle Zach in the finals of the 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships!


  1. Me: Pulls shiny charizard vmav

    Chair im sitting on!: Oh no

  2. what a match, the amount of momentum that welder builds so quickly

  3. shuffling always seemed like it was missing something, as if you cant shuffle it enough

  4. Those announcers suck at telling us what’s going on. Super lame of them!

  5. Anyone else watching this having no idea what's going on

  6. l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her
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    let's gooooo

  7. I thought you had to start with a basic Pokémon and evolve them… these guys are starting with the high level gangster cards that are difficult to build upto…

  8. The way the guy in the blue sleeves handles his cards
    Makes me
    Cringe 😬

  9. I only know metal, ice and fighter type Pokémon and a little bit of grass

  10. Lmao I remember just slapping the cards together and the one which lands on the poke ball side loses

  11. Dedene meta whithout me haaving a dedene was hell idk how i survived.

  12. I have a question:
    Is cramorand very good?

  13. I played this as a kid with the first generation of Pokémon. Thought I'd come check this out to see what it's like at a championship level. I have no idea what's going on. Seems like energy still let's you do attacks, but that's about the only similar thing I can see with the old game!

  14. Watching this is mad annoying and gives me anxiety.

  15. How do I participate in these tournaments?

  16. First time watching a pokemon game and my God it's boring AF lol

  17. Wait pokemon cards are used to play an actual game? WTF is this?

  18. They should add every finalist as character in the pokemon anime. and have the match play out like in the championships. would be even more interesting.

  19. Where do you get those black sleeves and does it ruin the cards value by shuffling them and playing the games?

  20. well i play pkmn cards with my friend but we dnt like play a turn for soooo long lol

  21. I like to think they are both listening to gbc card game music on their headphones.

  22. this is the first time i have youtubed pokemon TCG. with in a minute i have major questions. What are these rules they play by? obviously not the actual rules that come with the decks… Seems they have just a few energies in the whole deck… whats up with that? and the wrong energies as well…

  23. Pokemon and neck tattoos are just two peas in a pod.

  24. Either I never learned how to play right .. or boy have the tiene have changed 😎

  25. This is the first time ive ever seen a pokemon card game and im sooo lost😂

  26. i only played the original base, jungle, fossil. I have no clue what is happening here. Where are damage counters and Chancey flip coins?? lol

  27. WOW pokemon trading card championship is a thing??? No wonder I haven't heard anything, this is rubbish. Just collect cards and hold them kids.

  28. Pra que ficar embaralhando se vai abrir e escolher uma?!?!

  29. i came here cause i was told this is where to find virgins?

  30. As long as I collected and loved Pokémon cards I’ve never played a game with them lol

  31. i know a guy that has real pokemon and a holographic koloa beer he name Fred Black thank you

  32. Is not that these pro championship battles are confusing lol it all comes down to the trainer cards & how well they can use em to get the energies they need. That’s why it looks like they’re doing a lot but it’s chess to the fullest

  33. As a Magic player I wonder why Pokémon players always wear headphones on these big event streams? Do they receive some kind of information through them? I guess in Pokémon it is more common to face non-English cards at these high end tournaments so this might be the answer?

  34. I want to see a match where someone wins because they flip like 17 heads in a row during one attack.

  35. I think I'm the only one IN MY WHOLE CLASS that knows how to play AND I'm 10

  36. What I learned… Pokemon dudes do weird stuff with their hands and have strange rituals (e.g., they way they pull cards and slide stuff around).

  37. The monster designs on modern cards look like absolute garbage

  38. Look at Zach with that precise lanyard placement flexing that off white to all the pokemon fans 🤣🤣

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