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21 Card Games PS2 Gameplay Video ( Phoenix Games ) – Playstation

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Heres a quick runthrough of the games on offer in 21 card games for the playstation 2. This is another typical phoenix games release which took between 3 and 5 months to complete. From the first run i noticed theres no instructions in the game at all, so if you dont already know the games, or if you dont have the instruction manual in the case ….your screwed.
The game boasts 32 character profiles, all of which have no info stringed to them. Overall, i dont think ill be doing a full runthrough of 21 card games.
If your a card game finatic then there might be something in here for you, but with basic design and having to guess the buttons, i dont think theres anything to keep you entertained for long.

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the best ps2 game in the world ? or the worst ps2 game in the world!!

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