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25 Best Bets, Card Games, Personal Picks & More | Board Game Buyer’s Guide

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Top Board Game Releases & Restocks This Month – Board Game Buyer’s Guide! 25 Best Board Games You Can Get RIGHT NOW! We’ve assembled a list of “best bets”, games that caught MY attention, and a few wildcards to suggest – in this month’s Board Game Buyer’s Guide.

Vs. System® 2PCG®: Disney+ Story Arc

Wanda Maximoff, Vision, The Falcon, The Winter Soldier, Baron Zemo, and Loki all join your Vs. System 2PCG deck with powerful abilities!


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  1. Hey Chaz – have a chance to take Token Terrors for a spin?

  2. Anyone know when Planet Unknown is going to be available again?

  3. Chazz I've been looking for orichalcum for 3weeks I've been to 7flgs and called another 6 and it's no where XD

  4. Jeeze…I saw your Skyrim Adventures promo and was taken aback, I hadn't even heard of that one. So I went on Amazon to check prices…not only is there a base game, but there are several expansions, a 5-8 player free roaming expansion, a miniatures add-on…all told, $500 worth of product. Holy hell…I hate it when they do that…release everything all at once, guaranteeing I won't be able to buy all of it…and if you don't buy it now, it'll be impossible to buy it later as these expansions will become scarce. I'm a huge Skyrim fan, could never get my hands on the Risk: Skyrim game that was on the market for 5 minutes…now this is my 2nd chance to get, what looks like a tremendous product for Skyrim fans…this is to Skyrim fans, what the Journeys In Middle-Earth game is to Lord of the Rings fans…and there's maybe a 1% chance I'll ever actually be able to own it or play it. …let the holiday depression sink in. Thanks Chaz.

  5. Chaz confidently continues his streak of amazingly adept alliteration while concisely communicating contemporary carboard critques. I am curious for more on the mystery hand and its history. It is so agile in it's ability to align the carboard cartons even in confusion. Brava to Chaz and the mystery hand! Brava I say bodly into the black beyond!

  6. Undaunted stalingrad should have been in this video! Or is it? I kind of skipped through the video! LoL But really, stalingrad is a great game!

  7. Trash Panda is one of my favorite family games. You score points only by stashing cards and you can’t draw cards or stash cards unless the die says so. A perfect game to introduce “push-your-luck” games to kids.

  8. I laughed-cried at the entrance of Orichalcum. Well played, magic hands. I am now curious about this game, too.

  9. Excellent stuff as always Chaz. Counting down the days to seeing you all at the next Airecon CONDONTIERE, BALLS, SOUP TO NUTS 😀

  10. Jealous of that Paranoia book in the background.

  11. Still images from movies/shows instead of art always feels bad to me even though I know there is nothing wrong with it

  12. Don't forget "Mille Bornes" as a racing game! The simplicity and nostalgia make it a classic. 😉

  13. Chaz, there is another racing game called Pole Position from Do It games.

  14. Trash pandas is our most played game when we are camping and we are stuck inside bc it’s raining

  15. Stop confusing the Hand, you heartless monster.
    Happy new year nd thanks for a great year of videos.

  16. Anytime I'm at Valley River (Mall), the kids insist on going in to the Elephant's Trunk. Because of their selection of games, I never say no. Such a fun place to be in.

    Thanks for the vid, great stuff as usual.

  17. Have you tried Charioteer that just came out from GMT?

  18. I like the occasional video where you just say what’s out there and very brief description. What a potpourri! I might get wheels versus doors, because I belong to a trivia board game meet up group which meets every month but which I go to only a couple of times a year, because the variety of games in this genre is not very wide, so it’s nice to know of a new game.

  19. Thanks you for your thoughts on Vinyl!

  20. Great video! I love there’s a moose in the house. Underrated card game.

  21. Awesome!! So glad to see you got your copy!! We hope you really enjoy it! Let us know what factions you end up running and how your battles go!!

  22. Glad I found your channel. Love hearing about these games. Do you know where I may find a copy of Vinyl? Thanks.

  23. And there you have it, Chaz Marler, the ever alluring and audacious king of board game alliteration.

  24. Trash Pandas is one of my favorite games to take with me to a bar ha

  25. Have to think Moose and House are meant to rhyme in Canadian.

  26. Jamaica is still one of my favorite racing games.

  27. Do you have an inventory/site/pivot table with the availability in different languages? My mom is 72 and adores board games but does not understand English so I am looking for the language availability in a simple overview. Thanks!

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