49ers vs. Cowboys Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021 - c4gamingstudio.com

49ers vs. Cowboys Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. Rewatching this after 6 months. In hind sight, Dak did great. Cedric missed that crucial 4th down catch, plus block in the back penalty. Glad hes gone.
    Defense is young and will only continue to get better, I say the next couple years we can get to a title shot

  2. Where are the shots of the sad fans?? 🤣

  3. Cowboys like my leafs always finding ways to lose in playoffs epically but worse

  4. A minute in and two more goddamned ads. Jesus H. Christ.

  5. The last play was the play of the year for the cowboys. 😆 🤣 😂

  6. LVE made the most important stop of the whole season and McCarthy and Co. screwed that kid with their incompetence.

  7. As a 49er fan you watch this game and realize the only reason it wasnt a total show of dominance was because of jimmy garoppolo. That man is a crutch for that team.

  8. With a better QB the 49ers would've blown out the Cowboys

  9. I still can’t believe anyone in their right mind puts this loss on Dak at all. The AMOUNT of offensive line penalties that killed our drives is literally insane. How is that the qbs fault!? Y’all dumb af

  10. The fact the cowboys made this close after the nines dominated the majority of this game makes the loss even more embarrassing

  11. We will return but wtf Mike McCarthy some of his decisions baffle me what a fool

  12. It's the end of August 2022 and football is 10 days away. Just came back for this Wild Card Playoff game to set the mood 😂 #LetsGoNiners

  13. At about 10:54 Jimmy Misses a WIDE OPEN receiver on what would have been a 40 yard gain. His next possession at about 12:25 he throws a total garbage pick that you just can not throw in that situation. What people do not understand about Jimmy is that the 49ers won despite holding their breath ever time he threw a pass. The cowboys were down 2 scores with less than 10 minutes and Jimmy single handedly brings them back. The niners also got the ball 2 times with less than 2 minutes left and Jimmy could not execute one series to pick up a first down. The defense saves this team from jimmy on a regular basis. Even if lance throws a pick or 2 every game, guess what… so does Jimmy.

    That being said the fact the Cowboys were even in this game is a testament to how talented that team is. Mike Mcarthy is absolute trash.

  14. Epic Dallas Cowboy style of play🥴🥴🥴😂😂 🗑🚮

  15. It’s not the cowboys played bad. The 49ers handled every situation. Look at it closely .

  16. Did the ref really have to run into Dak before he set the ball!?!? Im in denial….. leave me alone!!!!

  17. Y’all can’t lie that throw by Dak to Cedrick was great and if he caught that there was a good chance we won..

  18. Dallas overrated y’all need to stop the run game

  19. Re watching this hoping this season will bear more fruit.

  20. All.them.damn penalties was aggravating as hell.

  21. Jimmy tried really really hard to give Dallas that W. If only Dak remembered the rules of football!!! 🙄 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. How stupid do you have to be to design your stadium so the setting sun blinds your own quarterback? Oh, Cowboys.

  23. San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas cowboys 2021 22 Jim nantz tony Romo tracy WOLFSON jay feely

  24. If i had a dollar for every flag the cowgirls got id be rich🤣

  25. They are going to choke again this season

  26. that last spectacle was like kid's backyard football setting the ball themselves.

  27. And typical Cowboys blaming the refs.

  28. The CFL Saskatchewan RoughRiders.E.S.T.1910 Fan says:

    What kind of stupid crazy game is that for Dallas Cowboys

  29. Cowboys blaming the refs for there lack of performance like they did in the game against the raiders, because it’s obviously not there fault, they’re the best right?

  30. What a bizzare ending but the ref got in the way and there was bad calls all game long on dallas

  31. 15:38. The Cowboys Defense Needs to Get Down And Ready DO NOT WAIT FOR #71 TO GET down and Set. Did y'all see what they did there. Everyone was Ready Expect #71 to confuse the Defense. As soon as #71 get down They Snap The Ball So the Defense can Get Caught Getting Down and ready Long Side #71. To catch the Cowboys Defense off guard.

  32. And yall want trashcott back🤣😭 a stacked team and couldn't score more than a touchdown 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Dak didn’t play bad at all , didn’t get much help

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