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  1. Ok if you love Magic The Gathering or Dungeons and dragons this game is perfect for you its called "The binding of isaac four souls," here's a quick explanation I found on the wiki here
    2-4 players (up to 6 is fine) take turns playing loot cards and using items to kill monsters that yield more items, loot, and sometimes get souls. The first player to end their turn with 4 souls is the winner. Cooperation, barter, and betrayal are encouraged.

    1. Randomly select your characters and their starter items, and give each player 3 Loot Cards and 3¢.

    2. Shuffle the monster, loot, and treasure decks and place them on the table.

    3. Take the top 2 cards from the monster deck and place them face-up on the table. These are the current active monsters. If a non-monster card is revealed then put that card on the bottom of the deck until 2 monsters are revealed

    4. Take the top 2 cards from the treasure deck and place them face-up on the table. These are the current store items.

    5. Cain always starts first, if no one is playing Cain then the saddest player starts first or rolling the die and whoever gets the highest is fine.

    6. All players start with their character card deactivated (turned sideways) and their starting item charged (not turned sideways)

    At the start of a player's turn, the player charges their active items and player card (turns them upright), draws 1 Loot Card, and moves on to the Main Phase.

    1 Main Phase
    2 Ending Phase
    3 Tips and tricks
    4 See also
    Main Phase
    During a player's turn, the player can do any/all of these things in any order

    1. Play 1 Loot Card (You can also do this in response to any action during your turn).

    2. Purchase 1 store item or purchase the unknown top card of the treasure deck. (All store items cost 10¢)

    3. Attack 1 of the 2 monster cards, or the unknown top card of the monster deck.

    4. Activate their player card to use 1 more Loot Card. (player cards can be saved and activated on another player's turn in response to any action)

    Ending Phase
    When a player ends their turn

    1. Heal ALL players and monsters

    2. Discard down to 10 loot cards if you have more than 10 in hand

    3. Pass the turn to the person to your left.

    And that's pretty much the game! Repeat this until a player gets 4 Souls, once they get 4 Souls they win. What really makes this game interesting is the items you get along the way, as well as the player interaction. The mechanics will be further explained below.

    Charging and Activating Items: At the start of your turn, you charge all your active items (gold border) and your player card, when your items are charged it means you can use them by turning them sideways, using their effect. Once you use an item you can't use it again until it's your turn again.

    Combat: To damage a monster you roll your D6, if you get a roll equal, or more to the number shown on the monster card, you damage that monster equal to the damage on your player card. You must keep attacking until either you or the monster is dead, if you kill the monster you get the reward and replace that card.

    Death: If you die for whatever reason, discard 1 non-eternal item you control, discard 1 Loot card, lose 1 penny, and deactivate all your items and player card.

    Tips and tricks
    If Eden gets an item that has "Destroy this" as the first part of it's effect then that item cannot be used.
    See also

  2. Unstable Unicorns is a great game but the instruction pamphlet didn't explain why the baby unicorns were important. Also, the instructions say to go online to get the two player variant, so why couldn't that be included in the pamphlet?

  3. yooooo i love unstable and exploding kittens and we play card games every Wednesday and we play a bunch of games do you have some great games like unstable and exploding kittens?

  4. omg yes please I thought it was fake this is everything!

  5. If you want to be a smartass, play The World Game. Awesome!

  6. My friend had this game and I NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Why do most of these games look like they were made for gays and Bronies.

  8. I got sold a fucking fake unstable unicorn game but I should be getting a refund because the site I bought it from says selling fakes is against the site

  9. I personally love collecting card games and enjoyed the vid thanks.
    Also, does anyone have dare to dream

  10. Can I have a business contact details for this email address please: mazzeodesign@gmail.com

  11. Hey crowd me and my friends made a new card game with over 4000 cards will u show it on your channel

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