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5 Fun Single Player Card Games | Card Games With One Deck

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Card games are a great way to entertain yourself and your friends. But when you only have one deck of cards, what will you do?
The good news is that there are plenty of card games that can be played with just one deck. In this video we will share five different single-deck card games for you and your friends to play!

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1. Accordion
2. Devil’s Grip
3. Pyramid
4. Monte Carlo Solitaire
5. Bowling Solitaire

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  1. Too much transition just make a simple and easy to understand video please

  2. To be honest, the explanation is frustratingly hard to follow in this video and the background music too distracting

  3. No hate to this channel but:Title: Card Games with 1 DeckDevils Grip: Imma pretend I didn't hear that

  4. This channel will have alot of subs in the future i can tell

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