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5 Great digital card games that aren’t Hearthstone

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Video games have had a bit of a love affair with cards in recent years and it’s pretty common to see a lot of the interesting ideas from your favourite tabletop games make it into upcoming video games. Ever since Hearthstone launched there’s been an absolute avalanche of digital card games hit the market, and your intrepid video friend Wheels is here to guide you through the best ones! (In our opinion that is)

00:00 – intro

01:15 – Magic: The Gathering – Arena

03:45 – Slay The Spire

07:43 – Faeria

10:20 – Fights in Tight Spaces

13:25 – Hand of Fate 1 & 2

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  1. Hand of Fate: Ordeals is also amazing. A brilliant physical game from a digital one!

  2. I started playing Gwent a few months ago and it has really beginner friendly politics. I was surprised how much it changed from the beta, but I haven't spent any money on it and I'm having really good time playing 1-2 games daily. And max. time for a game is around 15 minutes which is really good for playing mobile.
    And dear makers of Slay the Spire why you made basic hero that he made a pact with a demon? I don't want to role play as such character!

  3. I miss Duelyst. Wish I'd played it more before it died.

  4. i really like Causa, Voices of the dusk, but theres no a lot of people to play 🙁 its an indie ccg with little twists and a campaign mode.

  5. not sure how long you're been doing it but i love the chapter? breaks you've added

  6. I followed Hearthstone for one season, Between Witchwood and Boomsday, and its a great game, but just so darn expensive to have an even semi decent deck.

  7. I’m sorry, have you heard of our lord and savior GWENT?

  8. I'm going to recommend Yugioh: Forbidden Memories, even though it's nothing like the TCG, it's honestly a lot of fun fusing random cards together and seeing what happens 😆

  9. Legends of Runeterra getting a snubby mention as a clone of Hearthstone…is sad to hear. This game is so so good. Amazing art, generous ftp model, and innovative gameplay. Hope you all get a chance to give the game a better look.

  10. It's hard for me to get behind this video when MTG Arena has such a toxic in-game economy. The physical card games economy is also a bit overpriced but at least there you have the option to trade with other players for the cards you want.

  11. I've always liked card games, but playing them digitally was a hard transition.
    Slay the Spire I started but reading the cards was hard. I'm sure with repeat okay I'll get more familiar with them.
    I was always a tactile player. Physical pieces helped me.
    But…. I made the transition to Wingspan on switch so it's not impossible haha!!!!

  12. Duelyst was great. I was thinking about it while you did the lead in to Faeria and am glad it at least got a mention.

  13. Wait.. what's wrong with legends of runterra tho

    It's play to win and offers so much more visually then hearthstone

  14. Meanwhile Gwent – but these are good too, thanks Wheels!

  15. cries over the defunct Legends of Norrath game from Everquest

  16. Why are you using Hearthstone as a term of comparison when more than half your list is made up of singleplayer games?

  17. One weird but deeply interesting card/tile game is Cultist Simulator. You use cards to dream of the unknown ad unravel the mysteries that lay behind the corporal plane, you do your research, you recruit new followers of your cult but always weary that the police will come and find you. It's hard, really hard and that's by design. It's really fascinating though and would definitely recommend checking it out.

  18. Awesome video! Now gonna check out Faeria on the switch.

    For me Nowhere Prophet is a hidden gem. Having your character deck and also your deck of followers. Both requiring energy from the same pool for use. It's tough as nails and has loads of replayability

  19. 1:55 TES Legends is mostly a Hearthstone clone, sure, but it takes out the "heroes" central to HS and replaces it with M:TG-like colors and – much more importantly – tribal decks. A shame it's abandoned.

  20. I didn't make out its name, but I assume Eternal was put into the cavalcade of "HS clones" in the beginning? If so, that's completely unfair. What it is is an M:TG clone. But unlike official digital versions, which are forever bound by the original's physical limitations, it spices things up with card effects/mechanics that are only feasible – or even possible – digitally (which is the only thing it really shares with HS – and the only thing to like about the latter IMNSHO). And while M:TG Arena really smoothes out the flow of what and when you can play cards, Eternal never gets so overly convoluted with its cards to begin with (or at least it didn't when I was playing it). Presumably because of how similar it is to M:TG mechanically, though, it seems obsessed with avoiding "traditional" fantasy creatures/races, which I can accept, but which is surely hurting it in terms of popular appeal. The reason I didn't stick with it for long is that I just can't stand the art style.

  21. Night of the Full Moon is another good one – it's on mobile, but so much fun. Very similar to Slay the Spire, from what Wheels said here, only without the randomly generated levels.

  22. I'd like to mention Thronebreaker. Set in the Witcher setting, it's an RPG that does things with their Gwent card game. Of course there's also straight up Gwent, but Thronebreaker is different, and in my not very humble opinion way more interesting.

  23. 1/10: Mythgard isn't in the video.

    That being said, 10/10 channel and 10/10 content, so all is forgiven.

  24. I highly recommend Gordian Quest.
    Great mix of card game that also involves some tactical positioning. Plus lots of RPG character progression and items. Quite a mix despite still being in early access.

  25. Just here to see if Gwent is on this list, and by golly it better be.

  26. Deal me in. I'd like to suggest "Underhand" which is a mobile app game, but delightfully wicked and deceptively simple. You take the role of a Cult Leader. In the course of play, you're attempting to gather enough resources to summon an Ancient Old god. Each successful summons adds to your power and you can choose which patrons to fuel your evil plans. Throughout the game, a radio announcer gives fake reports on the effects of your latest schemes. It's a terribly fun game.

  27. I can very much recommend Faeria, it is my far my favourite after trying a lot of the CCGs out there. The game gives a sense of autonomy that I did not find with other CCGs, where player skill plays a much bigger role compared to other CCGs.
    I like that I do not have to buy packs, and that cards do not go out of rotation. You'll end up creating a full collection fairly fast since you will not get cards you already have a full set of from packs that gets tossed at you from all sides. Additionally after getting all the cards, you get more cosmetics instead. I think it takes around 30 hours to get a full collection, tough you can have a really good deck in a few hours.

  28. I would also recommend checking out Nowhere Prophet!

  29. if you want hearthstone but better, id recommend (aside from mtg arena) shadowverse, legends of runeterra, and maybe kards the wwii card game. all free, all f2p-friendly, all good

  30. Great video! I’m also seeing lots of interesting recommendations in the comments so I now need to share my love for Cultist Simulator 😀
    The most intriguing digital card game I have ever played, for those looking for something different.

  31. Slay the Spire is a crap game. After you unlock everything, which doesn't take long, any run you do is a complete waste of time unless you win. That could be 2 hours down the drain if you get a shit draw during the last fight.

  32. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
    an old gamecube rpg but all fighting is done with cards

  33. Do people still play HearthStone after the release of Slay The Spire?

  34. digital card games that are not digital card games :/ (facepalm)

  35. Since nobody has mentioned them, Star Realms & Dominion. Dominion just plays in a browser too which means you can play it on whichever potato you've got to hand.

  36. Hearthstone is A Scam This Game Should Be Called RIPSTON
    This game is 100% CON only a fool wood spend money on this scam game, This RIGGED UP GAME should be 18 only as it has a form of gambling & should not be teaching young people how to gamble, This free to play game model is just designed for GREEDY activision to squeeze every penny they can out of your pocket, The only winner in this house is activision blizzerd, Would not recommend playing this game as you will get no where in less you spend thousand per year on this CON game. WARING THIS GAME IS A WAST OF TIME & 100% RIGGED

  37. You are not smart enough to play hearthstone.

  38. That was an interesting video.

    I kinda have a different opinion about a couple things that where said, though.

    Gwent was mentioned as being kind of a Hearstone clone but the game is actually very different. Sure, it's what I would call a traditional CCG in a way (and I think that's what Wheels meant) but the game remains completely unique at the end.
    It's like saying Handball is the same as Soccer. They share similarities here and there but they're two completely different games at the end.

    The second thing would be to advise learning MTG on Arena even if you want to play the table game.
    I do agree that you need a good teacher when it stands to MTG because it's a rather complicate game to pick up, however, Arena skips a lot of important phases that are essential to understand in order to play the physical card version. The computer manages priorities and do a lot of things in the background to make the game run at a more fluid pace which can be awkward once someone tries to replicate what he learnt around a table.

    Don't get me wrong, it's definitely better than someone who'll teach the rules poorly, it's clearly not a bad way of starting the game but still not quiet as good as someone who knows what he/she's talking about. At least imo.

  39. I have to recommend Golem Gates. Its an awesome Card based/RTS!!!

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