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7 Rules You May Have Missed In UNO The Card Game – How To Play Correctly

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7 Rules You May Have Missed In UNO the Card Game.
Genre: Family Board Games
Hand Management
Take That Mechanism
Players: 2-10
Designer: Merle Robbins
Publisher: Mattel
How to Play UNO

UNO is a card game based on the public domain card game Crazy Eights. It is a game that has lived on shelves and in the nostalgic memories for decades and decades. Many people who play UNO have often changed, adapted or house ruled the game over time.

In this video we examine some of the widely overlooked rules to this game and we explore how this game was meant to be played. Some of these rules you may be familiar with and others you may not even know. This video aims to shed some light over the official rules for the original intention of the game.

The aim in a game of UNO is for players to empty their entire hand of cards throughout each round of gameplay. The winner of each round then gains points equal to the face up value of the cards remaining in their opponent’s hands. The first player over several rounds to accumulate 500 points wins the game.

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Uno Attack


  1. We never played for points we plays for entertainment

  2. Conclusion: Playing online is better than playing offline 😌

  3. So i was playing Uno

    I pulled a credit card
    And beat the kid that pulled a dos card

  4. Today 3 bad things happened-
    1. I lost Uno which had a bet of 5 dollars

    2. My friends are in hospital now

    3. Police arrested me

  5. If you actually follow the rules of Uno you're the weird one not your friends

  6. Probably the only game that's better without following the rules.

  7. Title: 4 Fake Rules You Have Missed In UNO The Card Game – How To Play NOT Correctly
    this video must be deleted

  8. One time I played a Wild Draw 4 as my final card and my father said You couldn't do that and I was confused because I had read the rule book and it never mentioned that. He said that older versions that a rule against that, though I never found any sources if that was true. (I also got to play that Wild Draw 4 in the end too.)

  9. Thanks to you my fucking sister and my family will stop calling me cheater once they hear these rules

  10. if someone puts a draw two to you and you also put draw two does the other person draw 4 cards and you draw none?

  11. We have our own rules in my family. Lol I ain’t never followed these

  12. Holy shit. I had to YouTube this to believe it. I can’t believe I have been playing this game wrong for so long?!

  13. I got robbed on final card caused bingo 🙃

  14. Suppose u are left with 2 cards of same number which can be in same colour or not , then what to do?

  15. So.. wait… u cant play +2 on +2? Or +4 on +4 !
    Dear lord last night I was forced to hold 20cards in my hands!

  16. What does those draw 2 and draw 4 cards do?

  17. Bruh….ain't nobody counting no points. When I say Uno out it's over lol

  18. congrats you read the instructions like everyone else

  19. So how many cards can I place down in my turn? Can I drop more than one card if I have the color going

  20. Many people who I play with plays with the draw 2/4 card stacking. I HATE that rule!

  21. This guy probably has eurasian roots because he looks chinese and he is like speaking in a british accent

  22. Me, who lives in latam and has different rules for uno because of cultural differences affecting the way the game works on each country: this video isn't helpful :c

  23. you can’t say uno when you already put the second card down

  24. Can you play a wild card on top of a wild card?

  25. Thanks it was more helpful any other videos on the same topic!

  26. uno is actually a really fun card game when played properly. stacksies eliminates any strategy altogether. i get frustrated when playing uno with any friends of mine because nobody plays the game the right way and the game isn't fun when rules are made up or left out. i take uno very seriously and the rules are the way they are for a reason.

  27. ALSO, with the points, can't you play elimination style if you want to play for longer? So when someone wins they get no points and everyone else's points go against them. So if you have 4 players, the first that has 500 points against them is the first one out and then you play with 3 players until the next one hits 500 and you play with 2 players to determine a winner until someone hits 500.

  28. 4 person game. Tell me if this correct based official uno rules

    Player 1: plays red +2
    Player 2: picks up 2 cards and loses turn
    Player 3: can they play any colour +2 (as well as many as they have) or any red card?
    Player 4: if player 3 played 2x +2 cards would player 4 have to pick up 4 cards and miss their turn?

  29. I havent watched yet, but why do u have to uno when your about to play your second card?

  30. I host Uno tournaments and naw, our house rules override actual gameplay rules… We feel it brings about more competition and no one is safe from any other player.
    Our “Skips” & “Draw two” cards can be played and stacked towards the next player, where the player without a “Skip” or “Draw two” will receive the penalty of those cards. Although several “Skips” may have been stacked, the player only skips one turn but the “Draw two’s” accumulates and the unlucky player draws the amount of draw two cards previously stacked.
    “Reverse” cards remain as a change of direction card but can be stacked by the player playing them.
    “Wild” cards remain the same
    “Draw Four” cards are literally the wild cards. We stack our “Draw four” cards just like the “Draw two’s”, where the odd player out is penalized the number of previously stacked cards played but our twist is, is that “Draw four” cards can be played on ANY player in the game at any time. Basic rules still apply where you can’t place a “Draw four” on top of a “Draw two” if you don’t have a “Draw two” to play but if a player sitting two or more seats away from you has Uno and on your turn you wish to stop them in their tracks, you can select them to be the recipient of your “Draw four” card, just beware though, because they could have a “Draw four” as well, reverse it back on you (or any other player for that matter) to “Draw eight” and still go out as the winner, or possibly backfire and have it reversed again making them draw twelve total cards.
    We’ve found these rules to make for an entertaining night of cut throat, back stabbing Uno contenders 🤣🤣

  31. should’ve named this video : 7 rules in UNO that your friends will ignore even after you showed them proof of their existence

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