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A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Card Games (TCGs)

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Welcome to my guide on Trading Card Games. I hope this video can succinctly explain what they are, how to obtain cards and play the game, as well as extra accessories you may want to have to protect your cards and help you focus on playing the game.

There are a ton of links for you here, as well as timestamps to various parts of the video, so come back as you please! If you feel something should be added here then please let me know, as well.

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:19 What is a Trading Card Game? (TCG)
00:50 TCG Card Acquisition
01:12 LCG Card Acquisition
01:34 TCG Game Formats
02:39 Obtaining Cards
04:09 Playing the Game
04:48 Building a Deck – Beginner Tips
05:25 Building a Deck – Archetypes
07:15 Playing the Game – Organised Play
08:19 Essential Items – Protecting your Cardboard
08:42 Essential Items – Card Sleeves
09:42 Essential Items – Deck Boxes
10:34 Essential Items – Playmats
11:44 Essential (?) Items – Folio/Binder
12:05 Useful Extras – Life Tracking / Counter Tracking
12:36 Summary and Final Thoughts
14:12 Outro
Useful links from the video:

FAB Packs – Find your set
MTG Packs –
Pokemon Packs – –
Yugioh Packs –

Inked Gaming – Custom Playmats

Tolarian Community College – Top Picks

Gambling Help – If you or someone you know spends too much on card games to gamble, please reach out!


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  1. This is really useful info for anyone who's interested in learning what trading card games are about, and how to get started!

  2. Great idea for a video. Keeping it basic for anyone new to TCG's.

  3. dude you are crushing it. 2021 is gonna be huge, keep up the solid work!!

  4. Great introduction for new players! Let's get the conversation started fellow commenters!
    I've really enjoyed collecting Pokemon and playing Yu-Gi-Oh in past, and am excited to start playing some FaB casually.
    What are your TCG stories so far?

  5. Great video! It’s very informative. Thank you from a beginner!

  6. Loved the idea and execution of this vid. Great work!

  7. This is a amazing video i would love videos like this about each tcg that would be so cool

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