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A Look At Every Pokémon Trading Card Game Exclusive Card (Game Boy Color)

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The Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color was a great translation of adapting the physical cards to video game format. But not every card made it and they even created a fair amount of new cards for it. Let’s look at all of them.

Intro, Background, Pallet Town Remix by Joshua C. Griffin.

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  1. I just had an idea: pokemon tcg, but you are a hitman hired to exact vengeance for past losses. Every time you play against a club, pick a deck from one of the clubs weak to the one you are playing against, and win with that deck. You can use any member's deck from that club.

    Bonus points if you win with the club leader's deck. Extra bonus points if you win with the objectively worst deck in the avenging club.

    Variant challenge if you don't want to use the prebuilt decks: build a custom deck using only the cards used by avenging members (this includes limiting yourself to the numbers of cards those club members have; so if they only have two gusts of wind in total, you can only use two). At least half your pokemon have to be weak to the club you are challenging.

    I think this challenge would be an interesting one because you'll always be at a mechanical disadvantage, between the type matchups and the less than competitive deck recipes, but it also means you'll have lots of variety in each fight, and can deploy numerous strategies to show off a lot more of the card game than we've seen with single deck challenges.

  2. 2:29 I only just noticed this, but that's a shiny Wigglytuff on the Jungle booster pack.

  3. Wasn't there also a Beedrill card that was exclusive to Card Pop too?

  4. I used to have this game, and went so far as to recreate the theme decks from the sets that were available when it came out in the US. Every theme deck.

  5. I'm surprised you didn't mention the promotional GB Meowth…

    Edit: Not as part of the exclusive list, or in detail; just that it was a thing — As it was part of the same set as the exclusives.

    Second Edit:
    Nevermind, you mentiomed it at the very end of the video, after the Phantom cards.

  6. How could all those random effects be translated to tcg?

  7. gb zapdos only deck is brutal, not only because the 70 dmg always hits your opponent but because you can run so many trainers in your deck alongside it to keep it healthy and retain draw power

  8. I play legendary zapdos on the GB game. I run 3 GB dittos and 2 legendary Zapdos. Ditto is guaranteed to transform into legendary Zapdos, and only have it on the field so big thunder guarantees to hit your opponent. Play potions, super potions, and pokemon centers to keep it's HP up, and if it's about to die, drop another Ditto or Zapdos on the field. Rinse and repeat

  9. Good video, Paraspectre! I like the GB exclusive cards for their randomness, although they make for pretty unreliable strategies. I think the TCG video games allowed for the automation of what would otherwise be very tedious tasks. Taking out every basic pokemon from your deck, showing them and the rest of your deck to your opponent to ensure you're not stacking the odds, then shuffling and drawing a few, and shuffling your deck again, would be incredibly time consuming! I imagine randomly attaching several energy cards would be like rolling a die over and over again until you land on a pokemon slot in which there is a pokemon (1 for active, 2-6 for each benched), and repeat for each energy.
    I assume the difficulty for the Electrode was either to do with the classes of card – attaching a Pokemon to another Pokemon is not allowed, or if you materialised two energies out of nowhere, what happens to them if the energies are removed (either due to a move cost or the effect of a card) or redistributed. Surely, they would have to move together like a double colourless, but I guess they couldn't set up a token with two energy options that you choose when you active Buzzap and remove from play when it is removed from a Pokemon. The ditto is a weird one. It might be due to some subtlety of the difference between it and the morph ditto. Like morph ditto becomes an exact clone of a card once, but transform ditto is still a ditto with changing hp and moves every time the opponent's pokemon changes. Interesting though!

  10. The ditto that wasn't added was probably because it would of been difficult to code, any energy becomes the energy for the attack. Colourless was probably coded to be it's own energy rather than all at once.

  11. i think the problem is not having two energy on a pokemon but to have one enrgy count as 2 witch is why they cant do it couse it wont work with like megnamite couse it is 1 card that count as 2 but that someting they could not proram ''i asume''

  12. I also like the Legendary Zapdos. I remember on an English patch of the 2nd game, I used cheats to give myself like 4 Zapdos and 4 Dittos and I made a deck with 4 Zapdos, 4 Dittos and one or two Kangaskhan for card draw. I would then try to have only one Zapdos out at a time (as much as possible) So Peal of Thunder and Big Thunder would hit the enemy most of the time.

  13. You should try to force dittos to become zapdos since they can't hit each other lol

  14. The ditto one has got to be because of a specific ruling which would probably mess with the entire core engine of the game. In the TCG…Ditto doesn't immediately become the new pokemon on a switch or knock-out…instead, there is a liminal period where it is just "Ditto". This means that if you say…copied a Jungle Pinsir (60 HP), and it used Guillotine on you (50 damage) but you knocked it out, Ditto would immediately get knocked out itself as it would suddenly have 50 HP. This means that if they didn't have it in the engine to enable for a knock-out at the same time as a switch, they would either have to introduce a new ruling which ran contrary to the card's actual function…or get rid of the card entirely. As for Base Set Electrode…said Electrode does not become "2 lightning energies"…it becomes a single card which provides two lightning energies…making it more like Double Colorless Energy. They probably didn't have anything in the engine to account for if someone used a standard "Energy Removal" to remove what is essentially a "Double Lightning Energy", and then turn back into a pokemon when it's discarded. I'm reasonably sure they could have accomplished both of these effects within the engine with special conditions, however, I also have no doubt that said exceptions would slow the game down as it would be an introduction of new persistent variables that could well bog down a processor which was not known for being particularly speedy or powerful.

  15. 15:55 This card looks like "pure random in card", but it´s extremly good, maybe the BEST card in game.
    Use it in an Deck with only 2 of these Zapdos and fill the rest with 19 Electro-Energy-Cards, Searching-Cards and Healing-Cards. It´s a guaranteed auto-win and enemies will have a hell of a good time getting 70 Dmg each turn after Turn 3

  16. sigh

    I wish Game Freak made some more TCG video games.

  17. 12:01 My theory regarding Base Electrode is the fact that Buzzap turns Electrode into what is essentially a typed DCE, as opposed to two typed energy cards. Like a DCE, an Electrode can be removed as a unit by Energy Removal, for example, and cannot be subdivided if you only need to discard 1 energy card to satisfy an attack like Ember. They could program DCE into the game to provide 2 colorless energy because it is the only Energy card that provides colorless energy in the game, and because all other Energy cards are single units there is no reason to program the ability to remember if typed energy attached to a Pokémon is a single unit or double, in the case of Electrode. Basically they would have to change how the whole game calculates the values of attached Energy for the sake of 1 card, which was not worth it in their eyes.

  18. One thing about Card pop is : it can be redone with one cartridge if you have done enough card Pop (4 I think) so you can loop it to have everything !
    As I am working on a mod for PKMN TCG GB : the real effect of Phantom Mew is : your attack does 0 or 10 damage and one of the following effects : +10 damage, nothing, or one of the different status.
    Also, programming speaking, Electrode and Metamorph had to be redone because restrictions couldn't permit to make them in the game.

    (And I'm working to make the Phantom cards easier to get without card pop because even emulator can't recreate Card Pop, maybe the Switch Online version will ???)

  19. I flipped 8 heads with Ninetails once. It was okay.

  20. Amusingly enough, there is another way to get the two phantom promo cards. On my copy of the game I caused some sort of overflow glitch that rewarded me with a random number of cards for each individual card type. So I have about 60 phantom Venosaurs and a few phantom mews, as well as over 100 copies of some cards, which displays as a dot so their numbers look like .7, .2, ect. Granted whatever caused this was a bit unstable, as some stacks of cards have disappeared at random times so for awhile I didn't have any jigglypuffs.

  21. What I would do is have deck with only one Chansey and 2 Legendary Zapdos. After that I'll include 4 computer search, 4 Potions, 4 Super Potions, 4 Switch, 4 Scoop ups. I'll max out all the lightning energy as well. I'll use computer search to look for the legendary Zapdos while having the Chansey as the active pokemon while soaking up damage. I'll use Scoop up to have Chansey on my hand after Zapdos is already charged up ready to attack using Peal of Thunder. This method is powerful but reckless.

  22. 14:13 If you only play Zapdos and base your whole deck around only having Zapdos out, it's busted and only concedes to Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime alone keeps the deck in check from a PvP perspective.

  23. who didn't have someone to play with ? XD it was mania! but yeah game was fun at the time.

  24. Didn't that there was another Parasect fan in the world. And the GBC TCG game might actually be the best official simulator for the card game to this day lol

  25. I LOVE THIS GAME. the old sets actually plays so well.. classic

  26. a card that flips 8 coins but is called 9 tails… hmmmmmm thats risky

  27. I played this game linked with games on emulator these years, with some friends. We even played a tournament.

    Also you forget phantom Lugia

  28. Man i miss when pokemo tcg videogames have story mode and not battling real players all the time. I mean battling real time is okay but man. I wish theres story campaign modes or more ai enemies

  29. Articuno is the only GB exclusive card that could be used in the real game. It's random condition would be replaced with a coin flip i.e.heads do 40 to a bench Pokémon tails do 40 to the active. Also, it power is not something to be scoffed at. Most Pokémon who've had that power throughout the games lifetime have been evolutions.

  30. I played this game lots of times as a kid, only problem was that the cardtridge could not save at all. kinda sucks now i think about it, i would have loved to actualy play this game further than the first few hours

  31. Also "Challenge!" from fossil set did not make it into the game.

  32. Been playing the ROM hack of TCG called TCG Neo which replaces the cards with Johto series cards

  33. Honestly, we're kinda lucky Evolution Jigglypuff wasn't printed. Do The Wave absolutely DID NOT need that consistency buff.

  34. Ok, the green-and-white line in the background of the Japanese-only Surfing Pikachu is actually a 0-series Shinkansen – the original bullet train.

  35. Not sure if you've seen it but Deltaseeker did this exact video haha. Great channel for TCG content!

  36. the zapdos card is by far the best card in the game. because you shuffle each time you dont draw a basic pokemon at the start you can build a deck with just 1 copy of zapdos and a bunch of potions, super potions, full heal and other trainer cards like professor oak and bill that help you win, zapdos will win pretty much any matchup in the game, i forgot if it works against mr mime, i think he hard counters it, but any deck that doesnt run mr mime you will automatically beat, since no deck can keep up with 70 damage every turn.

  37. They cut Buzzap Electrode from both games. Super frustrating, one of my favorites, would've liked fighting it too

  38. 15:48 In both GBC TCG games, I took a page from decks that only run like 4 Pokemon cards to get their plays going and built a deck whose only Pokemon cards were 4 Legendary Zapdos. Keep only the one in play at a time and you don't even have to worry about Big Thunder hitting one of your own. Just sit back, enjoy the mayhem and use Potion and Super Potion Trainer Cards as required.

    (We don't talk about how Mr.Mime shuts this strat completely, though)

  39. I just had the cards to look at. I never knew how they were played and still kind of don't lol

  40. One thing I'd like to remind you about the 3 legendary birds in the game is that there are versions based on them in the physical card game YEARS later in the Majestic Dawn set. Articuno has the same power, Montres takes it from the discard pile (and the maximum is 3) and Zapdos flips a coin to deal 10 damage to all opponents.
    About them in the game, Zapdos + Hitmonchan is indeed a very strong combination using PlusPowers and Scope Up that can win the game in turn 1. Loves to use this combination in the emulator (after all you need to have 4 Zapdos for maximum consistency)

  41. Tbh I kinda wish the GB cards had physical print form and that the 2nd game was released in NA…

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