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A Pokémon Card SCAM At School! 😱 #shorts

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  1. 🎉😢❤😂🎉❤😢😮😅😅😊😮😢😂

  2. This guys cousin is going to be an amazing business man

  3. What happens when they find out he scam then😂

  4. bro imma kick my cousins i am the one selling fake mewtwo and charizard

  5. i would buy this boy for 3m dollars so he can help me save up for my future

  6. I’m a huge fan and I have a story that one of my friends is Brock cousin he used to buy say hot wheels, hot wheels so he would sell them for more than they were actually worth and he used all that money to buy a PS4 and a iPhone 14 Pro

  7. i would do that but the thing is kids at my school can tell the difference between real and fake

  8. I am be fabergasted thanks to this i dont trade forjust anything

  9. Bocious saved up all his money for the P s six

  10. If you're dumb enough to buy fake ones, you should get scammed.

  11. That’s very genius. I would totally do something like that.

  12. This is probably fake, but that kid needs to learn a lesson

  13. Man I would be so JEALOUS if sombody walked into my school with a CATERPIE EX 💀

  14. ꏝꆂꂑꁕ F҈O҈O҈T҈B҈A҈L҈L҈ E̶D̶I̶T̶S̶ says:

    Sure I love me Caterpie EX💀

  15. Caterpie EX but it’s a charizard I’m freaking 💀 😂😂😂😂

  16. How to detect fake Pokemon cards
    Look behind the Pokemon cards 1
    Find something black in each side of it 2

  17. He's not a genius until everyone finds out

  18. Bro all the dumb people think those cards are real. The name isn’t correct…💀 looks like they don’t know what the rip test is💀💀💀 besides, I got a real cards I got one that is. 111$ 26$ 25$ 4$ more

  19. Makes me wanna double check my poliwrath stage 2 :0

  20. Yep that’s me who always trade fake cards 🃏

  21. This kid made 100 life long enemies for $1,000.

    I won’t forget that scam that happened when I was 8 and I’m still plotting my revenge.

  22. Me giving fake Pokémon’s that looks fake and poopy to the mean kids:

  23. The school after all of there cards are fake:

    What could happen?

  24. I actually have a Trick-or-trade mewtwo

  25. A stident in my class said he’s gonna give a card

  26. It's not genius, it's first thing that came to my mind when i received a fake card from someone. Oh fkn hell my iq actually shows im gifted.. thats almost genius

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