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A simple and quick card game to play alone

The Meandering Gentleman
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A game to play alone with cards.


  1. When at age 30 you are more lonely as your 80 year old grandma.

  2. Im in my room, and I don't wanna go out becuase it's freezing cold, just wanna do something fun to pass the time. Great video

  3. Do the cards that are surrounded by in the middle do they go up in number or down in number? I understand the corner cards but I am stuck on the crossroad cards. Also, what is the name of this game? I knew I heard it was a French card game but would like the title if you know? Thank you!

  4. Exams are around the corner so we do have something to do studying btw this is posted on January 30 (for us Indian students)

  5. Thank you this really helps me when im bored

  6. We have to put the numbers in order like 6,5,4,3,2,A or any way ?

  7. what if you have a 5 on the extra piles, do you put a 6 card or leave it????

  8. I cleared all of my cards from AND the discard pile, does that mean I finished the game??

  9. I do have a question how do you lose by running out of cards or running out of cards to place because that part really confuse me I'd appreciate it

  10. So corners you count up from 7 middle you count down from 6 what are face card values and do you win one you have went to face to ace in all spots with all cards used. answer would be greatly appreciated

  11. that's crazy you have the same deck of cards I am using right at this moment while watching this video.

  12. Love the vid, starting to get into playing cards and im really enjoying it. Any recommendations for a good set of cards to buy?

  13. I finished the hole Mach on my first try (with Mach is autocorrect)

  14. you can do this for one dollar because of dollar tree

  15. I saw this while I was eating breakfast. I'm playing since 3 hours. It's too much fun

  16. What do you do with the six or seven if you pull one when setting up?

  17. How fun, getting ready to play, thanks !

  18. Thanks for sharing 🙏 this is a really cool variation on solitaire!

  19. Do I have to fill up the useable 4 Cards after playing them immeditely or can I First draw and Discard new cards en fill it up later?

  20. Bro really said “and you only play league of legends” 💀💀💀💀

  21. Praise God, got Napoleon’s Tomb on my second attempt 🎉
    Thanks for the demonstration ❤

  22. Thanks for calling me out from the start😅😂

  23. Lmaoooo thank you bro…. Exactly what I wanted, learning a solo card game from someone with a Russian accent was simply perfect for me.

  24. I love the league callout.
    I dont play league, but still dont have any friends to play cards with.

  25. 2:29 I would like to modify that statement to: "You don't get that angry like you do when playing league of legends."

  26. I didn't understand the instructions can you give a lit
    tle more detail ?

  27. Where did you purchase that black mat thingy with the 4 card symbols? Because I need me one. Is it online or in-store?

  28. can someone please explain in a more detailed way? whenever i try to play i'm just unsure of how everything is supposed to go, thank you!!

  29. What happens when you run out of cards in your hand?

  30. Do I get to choose which cards I put Into my usable cards surrounding the 6 pile, or must I immediately replace empty spaces with cards from the discard?
    I've been playing with the latter and sometimes end up with something like two 3s and two 2s. Or 2 kings, a queen, and a J. And I usually lose with those sequences.

  31. so if all ur cards in your hand are in the discard pile u lose?

  32. I won my first try! Thanks for this one!

  33. Bro if you put an ace on the spare cards what will you do?

  34. So what if I find a 7 before a 6 do I still put it in the middle

  35. I remember my dad teaching me this when I was 10! I'd forgotten how to play this, and this really helped 🙂

    thank you!

  36. how does one win in this game? i tried looking through comments but i'm still stuck

  37. I just learned how to play this, my family members are always busy with something so i found this game and now i can play cards all by myself. Thank you so much!!!

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