After 12 Years, the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is officially shutting down. -

After 12 Years, the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is officially shutting down.

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  1. I loved PTCGO but with Live being on phone as well. I might not getting anything done

  2. Wtf, after 40 years I finally learnt how to play on the app YESTERDAY!

  3. Only reason TCGL will be cool is if they add a GCL format to it. Otherwise, TCGL is stupid.

  4. It’s not that bad. It’s nice to play on your phone

  5. So no more code cards sheesh time to sell them off b4 i can't

  6. i just migrated over to live…and boy is it hot garbage. its so bad, the interface is horrible, and it takes literally forever to play a game. the gameplay is sooooo slow.

  7. "Who's ready for a straight downgrade!! WOOO! Why aren't you cheering? " Live devs

  8. Well that sucks post when you are doing live content regularly the tabletop shit is boring as hell to watch. Been fun bro

  9. New one is so bad. Can’t even load up a game🤣 how do you make a game so popular but yet so bad lmao

  10. Ummm so what happens to our cards and accts on PTCGO? Are they getting migrated as well?

  11. Live is trash and by the time it becomes a tiny bit good, a lot of players will be gone by then.

  12. Pokemon tcg live is shit. I played pokemon tcg online ever since released ,will all my massive massive massive collection of packs and cards , I ended up with 12990 crystals and 50k credits , which is way less than I expected. Upon redeeming some packs on tcg live I find out I'm getting much more credits than tcg online conversion.

  13. I never knew the pokemon card game online even existed lol..

  14. I played pokemon in the base set days…stopped at fossil and jungle though lol. The cards of today are so OP its nuts.

  15. I really loved your PTCGO content, its a shame that this happened… I am not into Pokemon TCG anymore, but I maintain the subscription as a token of my apreciation, as this channel was a big relief in darker times, but also a big plus in brighter times of my life. Andrew, I hope your channel keep on going as you love what you do, but I will always be rooting for you!

  16. It's little things like the engegy acceleration animations that I'm going to miss, like when a houndoom uses ss roar and puts a energy on a pokemon and it looks super aggressive and violet with the damage counter showing up. I'm gonna miss that 😔

  17. pokmeon online always looked like some early 2000s cartoonnetwork game.

  18. It's not surprising.
    1. Booster packs only available offline, which is not every country provide it.
    2. The platform only available in tablet, not Android phone.
    3. The gameplay is become more and more nonsense. The atmosphere of the original gameplay is not there anymore. No evolving, only use EX GX and other nonsense.
    4. They so stubborn with point 1 & 2.

  19. Will we at least get to keep everything on our current accounts?

  20. Cut the cost of table top play by creating a hybrid system with your community.

    I'm sure with all the video conferencing capabilities we have these days, a uniform format could be created to replicate the feel and look of a ptcgLive and face to face tabletop mashup.

  21. It's very sad!! I've been at the PTCGO from the beginning. Now…migrated to the Live version I havn't been able to get all my cards and decks into the Live version. So many decent good expanded and legacy decks have gone up in the air. SO much money spend on booster packs codes for trading and deck creation. Now…the Live version will for sure (99%) NOT offer the trading option, which has been an important part of the Pokemon communities. And….it's only the Standard format you can play…pretty boring because its the same 5-6 decks you are playing against. I hope the develop Live team will add the expanded format, adding card trading option too. I wish the Pokemon communities all over the world all the best!!🙂💚🤘

  22. Holy f#ck I’m lucky, a couple of weeks ago I was about to go after a Lugia deck 😂

  23. Literally WHY?
    There's absolutely nothing wrong with PTCGO and Live is absolutely fucking terrible. There is no reason to change, certainly not when literally zero people are happy with the new service.

  24. (///REDACTED\)
    so every 10 years or so, everything we bought becomes useless, and they want us to buy everything all over agin XD

  25. Am I the only one actually enjoying live like for a game in beta state its actually alright and functional 😂 some people just need to adjust to the change that's coming, may as well get migrated people

  26. This is terrible. The very first time I tried to play an online match on live, the client fell apart on me. I couldn't play a single match and haven't touched Live since. I have no idea where the hell I should play Pokemon TCG now.

  27. Ok if i understand this right the game will still be there but they won’t be releasing new cards or new updates anymore?

    I have a 7 year old and he could care less in terms of updates and stuff he just wants to play. He got some cards recently and then we looked this up and found this so that’s the specific information I was looking for…

    Thanks so much !!

  28. Can you transfer the card collection you already have with the online TCG or no?

  29. The live version has been on beta since ruby and sapphire on the game boy color 😂😂 what a joke

  30. As an outsider looking in my impression was not good.

    I’ve played a lot of digital card games but somehow never played Pokémon. The other day I downloaded and tried PTGC Live. It’s practically unplayable. Most importantly, almost every card was blurry – when you are learning a game do you know how frustrating it is to try to continually make out blurry text? Then presentation overall is dated looking, slow and unintuitive- I just don’t get why they are abandoning what you showed in your video for the “new” version.

    I hope it improves, I would like to continue playing and learning the game, I just can’t in it’s current state.

  31. Bruh I wasn't this sad for an online game, since EA stopped NFS world. 🥲

  32. Damn. So so sad. They lost me… ptcg live does not have what it takes.

    Tricky Gym I wish you all the best bro… you are an inspiration 💙

  33. There's a reason that I've switched to playing other TCGs and this definitely doesn't help. This really sucks. Pokemon used to be my favorite TCG and I still love it to an extent. It's so strange to see (excluding magic obviously) everyone else seem to be doing everything right with their games while pokemon just seems to keep falling short. This will probably lead to the slow and painful death of the game and that is genuinely sad. PTCGO will be heavily missed.

  34. Can't understand why they would discontinue PTCGO. It was the reason why I left Magic. The ease of getting my packs in there and getting cards off of them was so great. From what I've seen of Live, I'm not interested in the slightest

  35. I just downloaded the game but haven’t played yet thanks for the heads up

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