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Today on TCG History we take a look at some popular (and not popular) Trading card games based on various anime properties. We look at 5 anime card games that were sort of picked at random. Are any of these CCG good? Were they all just lame cash grabs just to make a few bucks from selling a TCG based on a popular anime card game? Should you get into any of these games now? What Anime Card game is the best? Which Anime CCG should we cover next?

0:00 – Intro
1:13 – Dinosaur King Trading Card Game
2:42 – Beyblade Card Game
4:21 – Naruto CCG
6:15 – One Piece Card Game
7:41 – Cardcaptors Card Game

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  1. Can't believe I just found this channel. Let's not forget Ani-mayhem, Sailor Moon, Blue Dragon, Bleach, Yu Yu, Inu Yasha, Shaman King,

  2. The Naruto card game is very fun once you get used to it, it's pretty complicated at first

  3. It's a shame the One Piece card game is so meh, series deserves way better

  4. I played Naruto CCG back in day. Back then it was my jam. I still have my cards for it.

  5. I LOVE the Boruto's Dad Collectable Card Game!

  6. Naruto still is one the best, cant believe almost every side character got a card. Shocked iniyasha dident get covered

  7. Bayblade getting the score I expected is …satisfying.

  8. Jacob!! Keep up the videos man. Old trading card games simply do not get the recognition as "games" as they should, especially when you compare them to how old video games are viewed. It makes me happy to see someone posting videos with as much enthusiasm for this side of gaming history as me 😄

  9. Power ranger and gundam had English card games I think.

  10. One piece relaunched as one piece miracle battles went for 18 sets. Then relaunched again as one piece ar formation.

  11. I never played naruto or bleach, but I collected more of the naruto then the bleach. Mostly because I never found bleach carried in stores

  12. Naruto could easily be brought back. the apeal is still here and it had some great ideas besides being faithful to the series. the way fans kept the game alive with their sets is quite amazing.
    CCS using core game rules is something more games should learn from.

  13. I forgot about Dinosaur King! I still have my cards somewhere. I remember playing the game with cousins while on vacation as a kid. It's one of my fonder memories of that time.

  14. I recommend looking into yu yu hakusho tcg and inuyasha tcg made from score

    Shaman king , Avatar last airbender and Pirates of Carribean from Upperdeck . All 3 share the same game mechanics

  15. Anime card games to discuss: Inuyasha and Zatch Bell!

  16. Totally missed the classic & original anime ccg Ani-mayhem. Way better and before all of those.

  17. Quality content. Working on making a TCG and your videos are invaluable. Thank you!

  18. The Naruto ccg is still my all time favorite card game and probably the most interactive and one of the deepest tcg/ccg I’ve played. I still have a group of friends who get together at least a few times a year to play.

  19. Probably showing my age here but when I was in my teens I loved the you yu Hakusho tcg. Dark tournament style fighting game was amazing

  20. Jelly donuts xD did they used this one here to or was this just a pokemon reference

  21. With Dinosaur King’s anime on Netflix, it’s gotten me interested in seeing the card game in more detail.

  22. the pokemon jelly donuts reference on cardcaptor sakura was just genious xD

  23. i would love to see a video about the inuyasha cardgame :3

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