Are All These New Trading Card Games Doomed To Fail? -

Are All These New Trading Card Games Doomed To Fail?

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Justin analyzes whether or not the new boom in the trading card game is sustainable. From Disney’s Lorcana to the One Piece TCG there’s a lot of nuance in the future of the industry.

Alpha Investments talks about dead card games:





  1. Metazoo doesn't flip as hard as it did. I do agree the gameplay needs to grow but I think the fan base is there.

  2. The TCGs Im enjoying rn are the fftcg and optcg, dbs just failed in the long run hopefully digi and OP stay forever

  3. We already hit one recession with covid if we get another one my god tcgs will become unplayable for the common man

  4. I’m waiting for the one piece reprint … i want to go all in on the one piece TCG but at retail price lol 😂

  5. Unfortunately, if I’m all in on one game, I really only try out these other games, no matter how good they are. From 2002-2012 I was a yugioh and magic player. I heavily got into the dbz card game and everything else I just bought starter decks with my friends and played a few matches. Inuyasha and yuyu hakusho were two games that I actually entered some tournaments for. But really, throughout all that, yugioh and magic is where my money and time went

  6. I like how you judged the gameplay of Lorcana, without knowing how the gameplay of Lorcana works. Because the way the game is played hasn’t been revealed yet. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. @3:54 So.. Did they start progressing along the anti-consumer path? Did they start progressing along the anti-consumer path?

  8. I'm trying out Battle Spirits right now and it ain't bad coming from a DBS & One Piece player. I also hope also that Battle Spirits doesn't harshly fail.

  9. Guess the trend came back due the fail of its counterpart….the NFTs….well card games are more viable but is still a luck based mission and if your crap is low quality then no one will be interesed sooner than later.

  10. All new trading card games are mostly trash not fun to play. That's why I decided to make my own card game it's going to be amazing and very balanced. Super fun gameplay and very competitive working on the cards and development is going steady. Card designs are pretty awesome too. Will publish first version on Tabletopia probably by October this year or faster.

  11. While the overall video is great, doing conclusions wo proper data or analysis is too premature and speculative. Btw, behind Lorcana is a different team that is not connected to Villainous. Ryan Miller, the lead Lorcana designer, was working on MTG and designed Digimon which you praised. So, do proper research before saying something good or bad 🙂

  12. I am surprised you put Elestrals in the Major Release list, but not the biggest backed Kickstarter- Sorcery

  13. Of course they're doomed to fail.

  14. I loved digital shadowverse early on. I hope the physical version picks up traction.

  15. Digimon is slept on, game is fun as hell. Card quality is amazing too.

  16. The Battle Of Pelennor Fields Project says:

    So what about Flesh and Blood?

  17. Always love to see Dragon Ball Super get a shoutout lol

  18. Force of will had a reboot? What'd it do that made it qualify for a reboot?

  19. tbh: let's wait for every new tcg if they survive 2 years. I mean the hype around Metazoo was kinda nice thought…. it's not played here in my country at all… or sold. Flesh and blood has some mild success but that's it. Digimon is quite strong (ok since brand name and stuff) but a store can just host that many tournaments at all especially if they now that Yugioh or Magic tournaments will make more money.
    Also due to the shorter periods between set releases you almost can't play two tcgs competitivly as a player so you have to stick to one. And it's quite hard to convince players to switch from one tcg to another tcg. Even big names don't mean success. THe Final Fantasy TCG for example is doing kinda ok but then covid hit and all stores had to close and you only could play tournaments online which i really didn't like. Nowadays my region is basically dead for this game.
    For the Disney TCG… well they have to make translations for Europe as well (French, Spanish, Italian, German at least) otherwise it … might not be that successful over here. Disney is more a childs IP but if children can't read the cards it will not see play. And i doubt that teenagers would play this game

  20. When you say big 3, do you mean MtG, Pokemon, YuGiOh?

  21. Are these all basically p2w like mtg?

    I wanted to get back into mtg but seeing the price of decks if you really just wanna play meta is crazy.

  22. I've always said that the biggest obstacle standing in the way of Vanguard's success is Bushiroad themselves. The card game itself is really fun and well-paced, especially compared to "lol mana stuck" MtG and "vomit out your entire deck to make an unbreakable board turn 1" YuGiOh. Vanguard would have so many more players than it does now, if not for the fact that so many potential players don't even know Vanguard exists because Bushiroad is so goddamn godawful at marketing their own product… which is to say, they don't market Vanguard AT ALL. They just sorta expect new customers to already know it exists?

    That's not even mentioning the fact that Bushiroad dropped the ball so goddamn hard that they had to completely reboot the game TWICE in less than 10 years; first, because the game got so expensive that nobody could afford to play it anymore, and the second time because they let powercreep get so out of control they couldn't even fix it without completely hitting the reset button on everything. Overdress started out great, at a super affordable price level, but we're just 2 years in, and once again the price of competitive decks is shooting up so high that you're left wondering why the hell you're even bothering with this game that barely anyone plays in the first place, if it costs the same as or more than MtG or YuGiOh, which you're always guaranteed to find players and shop tournaments for. This is only exacerbated by Bushiroad's INFURIATING policy of making deck-defining support cards that are only available as event promos.

    And for the icing on the cake, Bushiroad makes the boneheaded decision to allow their Vanguard simulator, ostensibly the single best way they could ever attract tons of new players to the game, to be charged at 80 GODDAMN DOLLARS, thus guaranteeing that no new player will ever touch the game. It really doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in Bushiroad's future as a card game company.

  23. Why no Grand Archive and Union Arena?

  24. 1- interesting video idea but the coverage of it was far from what i expected.
    2- Any answer to the question posted here depends on own people define the sucess and failiure of a game. Any game released now cannot be fairly measured against the big 3.
    3- Lots of complaining about wotc. why exactly? Looking at Hasbro makes more sense to me. And despite being "on fire " mtg just had its best years money wise and has players of many formats all over the world.
    4- Shadowverse doing the inverse path World of warcraft did? interesting.
    5- One of the things almost all new games have is great art. even is many are just "anime games"
    6- Overall i think new games should always be mindfall of cost and bet on card quality and community building. they should not push very hard for sucess but rather think long term and trust the passion of their players to carry them into the future.
    7- More videos on tcg in general are always welcome.

  25. I don't understand what you mean by BSS not being marketed well? From what I've seen and the content they've posted (not to mention getting Critical Role and ProZD to do videos for you) has been popping off. Also I 100000% recommend the game. Its such a rich and deep game with a huge amount of room for skill expression. Also it performed so poorly in 09 because bandai was terrible at marketing games that weren't naruto, but was and is doing extremely well in JP.

  26. I honestly believe Shadowverse will succeed in the West.

  27. I loved the LCG Android Netrunner. Loved the theme, the a-synchronous gameplay. Loved that you built off of the starter box and how much content it had. Love how LCG is no gambling each box you know what you are buying. It was a lot a lot a lot of fun. I'm sad it ended

  28. Most will fail disneys won’t because the engine behind it

  29. One piece will be strongest bandai namco, anime is the most popular right now, will be continuing for another good 5 years, and game itself is fun too

  30. Dragon Ball is about to blow up with the digital release, let's gooooo

  31. Guys I think it even caused companies like Wizards of the Coast to start progressing along the anti-consumer path.

  32. hold up, the thing about shadowverse being p2w, you can build the best decks of the game from a new account so its not so much p2w but just not f2p friendly in the long run, but thats most online ccg, except hearthstone, HS is just completely "fuck the poor"

  33. I really want battle spirits saga to succeed. I dont want it to just be "oh play these official tournaments in in las vegas and win money" I want there to also be actual store leagues and stuff at local game stores.

  34. I know that I don't care about anything but Digimon at this time. I stopped purchasing MTG products regularly in 2014? I will occasionally pick something up if it works in an EDH deck, or maybe pick up a new Commander pre-con if my LGS has a good price on it, but I don't have the time and energy to play more than one game on a regular basis. That said, maybe Lorcana would interest my SO and my friend's wife, so there's that.

  35. Weiss is fine because they have pretty big tournament plus stability of 15 years. I agree that kickstarter games are not for the long term. How long has meta zoo been a retail product? 1 or 2 years. One piece definitely has the fan base

  36. Is all the art for the one piece tcg just screen grabs from the show? If so that game is definitely going to fail, at least in America. What a lazy way to make a card game. It's exactly like those cashgrab star wars and lord of the rings card games they made to go with the movies.

  37. "I don't have enough data yo be sure"

    You've seen 6 or 7 cards and assume it won't be a good game..

    For battle spirits we've had lots of people come and play demos and make pre orders. So who knows. Same with Grand Archive pre orders are sold out.

  38. The Shadowverse TCG print bs is doomed bc there's no way in hell that players (like me) who are used to insane combo chains in the online version would ever be satisfied with the necessary downgrade to make print version playable. The product seems to bring back memories bc of oldest sets and card images but that stuff has NOTHING to do with Shadowverse gameplay and meta decks in 2023.

  39. About monetization. Crypto financed TCGs like The Lords of Light (pre beta) and Shiryo (pre alpha) is popping up.

  40. Battle Spirits Saga is getting huge support from Bandai.

    You can argue Bandai has too many card games already, but BSS is definitely looking like one that they’re trying to push hard.

    Add in the fact that they have a great track record with Digimon and One Piece, BSS being the NA successor of a 25 year old game and the excellent mechanics seen in it, I can see BSS succeeding. Yeah, it failed once, but I can see it doing better this time.

    I’m going to personally do everything I can to see it succeed on a local level because it’s just that good.

  41. Wixoss is pronounced wii (like Nintendo wii) – cross (like what they put Jesus on)

  42. Same thing that’s happening with Battle Royal and live service games. There’s not enough people for everything.

  43. i think disneys lorcana and one piece have the biggest chance here.

  44. Man, i would love to play force of will, if it actually came to me country

  45. For me a modern cardgame needs to have an online platform to play it, it just is not feasible for me to travel just to play due to real life reasons.
    Speaking of, if there are any good with official, or unofficial, ways to play online I'm open for suggestions.

  46. metazoo couldve been so much more than "what Environment are you playing this in"

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