Arkham Horror Card Game: The Circle Undone Playthrough #4 -

Arkham Horror Card Game: The Circle Undone Playthrough #4

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Episode #4 of our live 2 player playthrough of The Circle Undone campaign for Arkham Horror the Card Game. Arkham Horror the Card Game is a living card game based on the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos and published by @Fantasy Flight Games

Rita Young (Mel):
Preston Fairmont (Rob):

Night of the Zealot Campaign:
The Dunwich Legacy Campaign:
The Path to Carcosa Campaign:
The Forgotten Age Campaign:
The Circle Undone Playlist:

Arkham Horror Token Set:
How to Play Arkham Horror Card Game:
Arkham Horror LCG RulePop:
Game Trayz used in this video:
e-Raptor Cthulhu Card Box:

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  1. Sad face. One of my favorite things is to watch the two of you play Arkham Horror. It often is the highlight of my week. I know you have other things you want to do and my one little voice probably does not matter much but I do hope you do not take Arkhama away for long anyway.

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