Arkham Horror: The Card Game - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. 10:08 this made me laugh so much! This will be my next game I’ll buy

  2. I wish I could buy into this game but it is just too much money. If they had released full boxed sets for adventures opposed to nickle and diming you for everything I could maybe buy in. Maybe if I can buy a lot off someone I'll do that but paying something like $100 to get the components for ONE campaign is…silly imo.

  3. should I buy the Core set or the Arkham Horror (Third Edition)? I am confused for what game are all the expansions work or if its ok for both games.

  4. Chaos bag !!! That’s what I’m calling mine from now on.

  5. Well, that was interesting.

    I wonder if they figured out what that color was.

  6. Card decks are to fantasy flight as dice tables are to Avalon Hill.

  7. The Hounds of Tindalos approve this message

  8. I've just realised Matt is the illegitimate love-child of Quinns and Paul!… and possibly Noel Fielding.

  9. I understand that failure is a part of the game. However, this game is set up for you to fail. The penalities from some of the tokens drawn are excessive at times and the gotcha moments are absurd and some of the bosses way overpowered. I am fine with failing, and enjoy it in other games, but Arkham is not enjoyable.

  10. Monster: Where's my ancient artifact?

    Rogue: *sneaking up behind monster with artifact raised *

  11. Whats weird here is that they hated Arkham Horror, yet all of the praising, and positives from this review precisely describe the cool stuff you do in Arkham Horror. Yes Arkham takes forever, but its a forever of doing these awesome things…

  12. How many players does this game support? I understand there are four characters you can play as and SUaSD use of plural makes it seem like everyone can come at once, but the BGG article and the box seem to suggest only two?

  13. I did. And I found out about these guys recently. So good. They have my support.

  14. Hellllppppppp I've spent over £600 on this game arghhhhhhhh

  15. Also, the Dunwich Legacy expansion is the ONLY ONE available in its entirety. Fantasy flight is a jerk

  16. "You can't lose Arkham the card game"

    stares in 'Where Doom Awaits'

  17. Thanks, guys. Love the humor. I was actually giggling like a school girl throughout the review.

  18. We're pretty decent gamers with several complex strategy games under our belt. We bought this game and 2 hours later fell asleep trying to figure out the rules with videos and instructions. Also why doesn't FF provide the bag?! How cheap for something that costs $45. Never did get around to playing.

  19. I tried this game and didn't like it. It felt like a card game trying to be a tabletop RPG, and falling short. In particular, sometimes you end up with a hand that just don't have any useful cards, and you have a lovely choice between derpily drawing cards or having your character take on a monster with his fists. What's that supposed to represent? Your character staring in confusion, trying to figure out what's going on? Or frantically digging through his backpack? It's just frustrating.

    Fundamentally, a character sheet with stats, abilities, and equipment is a better representation of a person than a deck of cards is. If you and your friends enjoy this game, give the Call of Cthulhu RPG a try. I think you'll like it better.

  20. I just don't get why everyone love this game. I got 2 core sets and 1 deluxe expansion, played it through couple of times and was underwhelmed.

  21. I thought I watched all of the SU&SD videos, and then I find this when I look up this game. Where is this hidden playlist?

  22. does anyone have an idea if I should buy this or pandemic? Currently can get either for about the same price thanks to sales, and this game seems to present more interesting play compared to pandemic but lacks replayability. Not really sure what to do

  23. Awesome review although 51 euros for a base set for 2 people for a game with low replayability and it feels more lile a story then a game …. i really wanna like this one but i dont seem to get it

  24. I didn't finish watching this video and I already bought the goddamned game!! WTF are these guys doing to my mind?? 
    Now I only need nerdy friends to play it, whom I cannot buy with money…😔 Or can I?

  25. Wesesheskhnemtuhit He who pees in the village well says:

    Oh man friend brought this over to test a little bit last autumn and we've been in a serious hook since.

  26. You bring out a negative review of Arkham Horror and wonder if Eldritch Horror is worth our time?

    Both of which are rated fairly well across all board gamers. What the hell guys?

  27. Haha just started watching your videos this tickled me thanks.

  28. The base game is only for 1-2 players. I heard you can do 4 players if you buy two bases but is there expansions that I could get that could boost it to 4 or more players?

  29. I’d really love to see a LOTR:LCG review, which is kind of the original version of this game.

  30. Hello! First of all I'm a big fan of your channel, I really enjoy your reviews. I have a question of this game. I want to get a new campaign, but maybe I won't be able to buy the whole of the mythos deck, is it worth it?

  31. Terrific review! I'm a latecomer to this one but thinking about diving in. If playing with 2 players, do we each need a core box or will one do?

  32. Can this be played with 5 people?

  33. 11:11 What do we think he's saying? My guess is "What's up, bitches?"

  34. Where can I get a good Arkham card game player mat?

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