ASMR We’re Not Really Strangers 🫶🏼| Whispered Card Game Read Through -

ASMR We’re Not Really Strangers 🫶🏼| Whispered Card Game Read Through

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  1. Patiently waiting for you to post another video Carly, so in the meantime, I’m binging your other videos again and guess what: I am working on building you a boat with YOUR NAME on it! (A Lego Boat, that is…just have to find out how to get it to you.) Hope you are getting some rest and staying safe traveling! – Tyler ⛵️🤠

  2. Some of these questions it looked like you regret reading. Just pondered them then slid them away instead of answering. Real af.

  3. this was a good one ,but man there were so many emotions going on with the questions you didn’t answer in the first half. hope you get comfortable to open up about ur past one day (maybe if you do an only youtube membership or patreon”
    the question that got me most interested was “your first happy memory”.

    ur chapter now seems to be “rising to success” & “new beginning”
    31:43 from what u said in past videos & this one i could guess what it is. im pretty sure you”ll find true ❤ & have ur own family. its funny if i got that one completely wrong lol.

    it was a tough week, & i only just now got the chance to watch the video, missed the vibe of ur asmr.

  4. Congratulations on almost 10K. Great things coming 😊

  5. Some of these questions it looked like you regret reading. Just pondered them then slid them away instead of answering. Real af.

  6. I haven't even seen the whole video yet but I already know it's going to be great so thank you and you deserve way more than 10k subs without a doubt!! anyways have a great day/week🤍

  7. 10k will come soon! you totally deserve it! love you

  8. Even though this channel is new, you've got the quality of your ASMR methods remarkably refined, keep up the great content! you're already one of the best at ASMR.

  9. Grace and Maddie are OG's in congratulations on the quick growth of the channel.

  10. Your channel has become top tier ASMR 💯💎

  11. I just found your channel and it's great! Love your ASMR style.

  12. +8000 subs in one month is WILD growth holy shit

  13. Holy smokes, you've added 1k subs in the last hour? That actually is extraordinary growth for a Youtube channel.

  14. 8K in that timeframe is an accomplishment, well done. I'm always glad to see your new posts!

  15. Almost 9k in 1 month is actually insane.. idk how you did it but congrats keep going and keep climbing 🎉

  16. Though I don’t know you (obvis) you seem like a warm and gentle soul. You said that you hope that no one takes away the fact that you love deeply. I saw a quote a few years ago and it goes: “Love is within. No one can give you something that’s already yours.” And no one can take that away either. Thanks for the vid! Have a great day and May you be blessed with good ties!❤️

  17. What's your perfect fairy tale guy requirements?

  18. I love drawing and painting. I can’t wait for of your canvas. Thank you sweet pea for always uploading. Very much appreciate it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  19. Being a super attractive girl youtube has blessed you with many subscribers. 🤙🏻

  20. Not so sure about the rest of y'all, but I'm just here for the skillful ASMR

  21. No wonder you're about to hit 10k! 😌😌😌 Your asmr is amazing! 😎I really hope more people find your channel, since I consider it to be a space that we all need when the day ends! Btw, I liked that card game, it's very introspective and helps you see yourself from a different perspective. Thanks and congratulations for these achievements! 👍👍

  22. You're becoming my favorite Asmrtist to watch !! I love your videos

  23. 3 very important things you have going for you in ASMR, be careful not to lose them:
    1. Tone, some people just have great whispered voices. You've got that.
    2. Authenticity. Just keep doing what you're doing and being who you have been.
    3. Wholesomeness. You don't need to be salacious or overly flirty. Your boobs are your boobs but they don't need to be the star of the show.

    Congrats and good luck going forward.

  24. Finger tapping… Yes, please 🥺
    Edit: I believe I can hear your laptop fan overworking on the bed. Place a piece of cardboard underneath your laptop to rest on for ventilation. It'll keep it from overheating. 🤗

  25. Please do kissing and mouth sounds those are my fav, also the personal attention and reassurance types too… You have the beauty and the charm to make those and it would be awesome 😘❤️

  26. ahh Sugar Boogers yes I love her art videos, she now called 'Quiet Creative ASMR'

  27. Grace and Maddie are amazing asmr artists. Same vibe coming from your videos

  28. I love listening to you. The painting tutorial is exciting 🎉

  29. I am sure you get this all the time, but you totally remind me of Alicia Silverstone.

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