BANDAI CARD GAMES Fest23-24 World Tour in Los Angeles LIVE STREAM -

BANDAI CARD GAMES Fest23-24 World Tour in Los Angeles LIVE STREAM

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BATTLE SPIRITS SAGA World Championship Final round

DIGIMONCARD GAME North America Championship Final round

ONE PIECE CARD GAME North America Championship Final round

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  1. you know the sideboard is spicy when even the casters miss the Fulla tech for the mirror match. Fulla/Skadi combo is insane.

  2. Il est où Sofian l'islamiste ? 🤔
    Il a passé les portiques de sécurité au moins ? 🤣

  3. How is he playing around thunderbolt lol Borsolino can’t be KOed by effects, and the other one is too big.

  4. Wait what the hell happened to dragon ball lol

  5. Bandai organized the whole Event like they handle their card games…disastrous

  6. Where the f%#k is DBS & Fusion World ???? Show some love ffs 😡

  7. "what do you think changed the game for you? oh i just played back to back to back yamatos g3 and generally didnt think because im playing yellow"

  8. Only here for digimon tbh rest of the games are mid

  9. Gavin is the best, definitely deserves his position as a top commentator

  10. Man, the Digimon finalist match was one of the greatest games I’ve seen in a hot minute. 🔥

  11. I am new to the game but loving it so far. My only question so far is if something has curse I am assuming the creature has to live until the end of the block for the blocking creature to be destroyed correct?

  12. Glad I still play Enel. What a fun game to watch 🥵

  13. I could be wrong, but I think in the BSS finals there was a misplay on forgetting to trigger Turborex during opponent's turn.

  14. ギャビンさんやっぱすげーわ。

  15. Billion dollar company and this is the best they can do for the finals lol, and I like how 1 commentator is being serious and the other 2 r just constantly joking around lol, my man Steven should just do it by himself to b honest

  16. why the fuck does the game with the least amount of players get a $50k prize?!

  17. You guys must have accidentally forgot to include the DBS Masters Nationals footage? …………………

  18. What happened is they made it an open event… Shouldve done only the ones who are invited to play…. Let the others spectate, even the spectators is not having good experience

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