Become a Pokémon TCG Master with Battle Academy! -

Become a Pokémon TCG Master with Battle Academy!

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Start your first lesson with the Lightning-themed Pikachu deck or the Fire-themed Charizard deck. You can even level up your game with the Psychic-themed Mewtwo deck!

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  1. The academy thing is really good I rate it 5 stars becuase you get 3 ultra rares a regular Charizard two espeons and 2 mew cards and it's all for $20

  2. holy flip 20 dollars for 3 decks and 3 gx cards

  3. Are you able to mix these cards in with other decks?

  4. Wait I don’t understand when can you draw cards? I know when there is like a trainer card that says “draw 3 more cards” and then you can take but if your out of cards in your hand what do you do or do you take one every turn?

  5. I bought this yesterday to teach my son the game and help him practice reading! This is an awesome learning tool’

  6. Personally, after playing many games with these decks, I feel as though the Pikachu and Mewtwo decks are pretty even. But the Charizard deck just lacks a bit behind the other two.

  7. I could have watched a whole 10 hours of YouTube videos

  8. I thought it was 6 prize cards… Not 4 🤔

  9. please make video how to play with mewtwo( they dont have numbers )

  10. Not Everyone has good listening English skill. I prefer captions added 😭

  11. I bought this for myself and my fiancee and she actually was able to learn and have fun

  12. This is the best Pokémon tcg tutorial on YouTube.

  13. Pokemon Battle Academy review! How to play Pokemon – YouTube

  14. I just picked up this game from Target, great to finally know how to play the TCG after watching the show as a kid!

  15. Thank you for this, I just bought the game and upon opening it, was immediately confused 😕 this was very helpful 😀

  16. Finally! I can learn how to play now! There is a Charizard in this box too! I bought two of these Battle Academy boxes! I will sell you one for a thousand dollars in twenty years!😂

  17. wait they have 50 damage counters now? i remember back in the day you had to put a bilion counters on every card since you only had the 10s, but this is the future, mind blown xD

  18. When I was a kid… 😤 😣… I had a hard time playing Pokemon cards… now looking at back, I was only just a kid.

  19. I remember when I was a child… sorry Alice from darkrai series

  20. Me who got both the Pokémon tgc games and a urshifu deck and realise I have no friends

  21. I have the game, I bought it and still in the box !!!

  22. What happens if you draw no basic Pokemons at the start of your first turn? Do you re-draw a new hand?

  23. this video is so helpful thanks!🔥🔥🔥

  24. I have a cinderace v and Pikachu v and Eevee v

  25. Ty I just got the game and I wanted to play it so thank you 🐾

  26. Trying to teach this to my kids…It seems stupid to have completely prearranged deck that must be numbered in order, in order for the game to work.

  27. Thank you I didn’t even know how to play and I just knew right now

  28. Thank you for telling me this game now I know how to play 🙂😍

  29. Before this vid I would be like, “I place my Charmander, in attack mode”

  30. Always played Yu-gi-oh, never knew how to actually play the Pokemon TCG. Seems very simple

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