BEST BOX TO BUY NOW! Dragon Ball Super Card Game Special Anniversary Box 2021 -

BEST BOX TO BUY NOW! Dragon Ball Super Card Game Special Anniversary Box 2021

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  1. Love the art on the boxes…great display pieces!

  2. Core TCG makes the world a better place 🏝

  3. The boxes are amazing, and so is Core TCG too for making this video happen!

  4. Core TCG is amazing the art work is insane on these cards

  5. coretg is great, good luck to everyone else! i hope but i hope i win. lol

  6. I wants the box!!!!! lol They look so awesome!!! Great video man!

  7. I bought cards from core tcg a long time they are awesome!!!👌

  8. Goku Sacrifices himself to kill radditz technically Piccolo kills Goku and radditz

  9. It’s supa cool that they give you the anniversary box to give away and to be able to open some for yourself.

  10. boi no cap im trynna get that box im too broke to get one but if i win it then maybe ill actually be able to win a few games at locals supah!!!!!

  11. Core TCG is just amazing. Thanks for making this video possible!

  12. Shoah u da best. Hopefully I can pull a Demigra today just like yours

  13. I wanted to grabbed one but it sold out now so hopefully i can win one 🤞🙏

  14. Core tcg is awesome and the artworks on the boxes are crazy good. Just so happens vegeta is the only one I’m missing

  15. Core tcg has a dope store! Bought some packs from them when I was in Cali on vacation! Fingers crossed for that box its so dope! 🤞

  16. Man your dope my kids love watching your channel they are getting me into the cards your doing a great job keep up the good work.. The Gecko Family

  17. i want a box love db super and dbz for aslong as i can remember you rock

  18. correct me if I'm wrong but I thought frieza killed goku by blasting him into a volcano but that was right before they wished all the people killed by frieza back to life so he was only down for like 5 minutes

  19. Don't wear those white gloves they leave dust around i say wear blue ones or at least a thic gloves. yha i want to learn how to make cards and one day make a game of my own. Also i know won't get anything i never win prizes like this but good luck to the others who is getting these boxes. Also not going to lie that looks clean 11:44

  20. I watched this video and then turned around and bought 2 boxes from TCG. First boxes ever bought. I love dragonball and am looking to start collecting.

  21. I wish I can win this box so I can start a dragon ball super card game collection

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