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Best Card Games 2020 | Digital Card Games PC

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Best Card games in 2020 that you need to try. These online card games are the best digital card games to start in 2020. This is my favourite list of the most played and loved card games on the PC including trading card games (TCG), collectible Card Games (CCG) as well as living card games (LCG).

Footage from Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering Arena, Gwent, Duelyst, Faeria, Legends of Runeterra, Shadowverse and Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game Gameplay Trailer, has been used.

Music: [The Great Battle]; [Legends]; [Land of Pirates]
by Alexander Nakarada ()
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License


  1. Wish there was more games like Deck Heroes 🙁

  2. alot of forgotten games like faeria or duelyst

  3. I came here looking to fill the void duelyst will leave in my gamer heart :'(

  4. Is there any CCG with auction house system, where you can sell/buy card to/from other player ?

  5. Too sad starcrusade isent here… then again, is their own fault.

  6. Free to Play? My wallet keeps laughing and mocking me. I wanna Buy a great card game that won't allow me to Buy my wins. Any suggestions?

  7. If you're looking for real f2p cards game then you have to play lor of skywaver. Don't ever think to play hearthstone or shadowverse if you're not considering spending alot of money

  8. you didn't have to put the whole tutorial you know.

  9. Faeria ! Best Card Game im playing in my Life. It is super fair und Strategic as well

  10. Collective so good, not pay to win, i love it.

    Hi, I would really recommend to try Gwent. The trailer seems nice but, doesn´t really show what an amazing card game this is. It´s a game were you have to win the best of 3 rounds with one deck (25 cards). The RNG is really low compared to other ccg and the strategic aspect is worth it. But the best part is actually the free stuff you receive all the time and so it is not hard to get a competetive deck in a week or less. Daily rewards, contracts with reward point for unlocking other free content and so on. There is even a refer a friend option where you get additional premium rewards as you level up. All in all, just try to look it up and you will be amazed 😉

  12. I am also making a card video game, but something you haven't seen before.

  13. and what do you think guys about games like yugioh duel links? is it competitive as the others?

  14. Where is GWENT? The best looking card game period

  15. Garbage presentation. Your taste in music is shit.

  16. KARDS The WWII Game is the best card game. You should definitely try it right now

  17. best card game of 2020 is fifa 20 and runner up is pes20

  18. I still haven't found a digital card game better than PVZ Heroes.

  19. What’s the justification for having this list? Where is the comparison? – Without this, the video is useless information. Comparing the relative merits of each game is where the value is. However, that requires knowing something about the games!

  20. So, just an ad for Runeterra then because that's what took up most of this vid.

  21. Does any one know a good card fighting game you can trade or give things to each other in?

  22. So in other words, still no good game to stick with then. At least they didn't copy magic's mana system. Still a ways to go for a modern card game though.

  23. faeria looks nice. As does shadowverse. Didn't understand that duelist thing.

  24. Magic the gatherings advertising and aesthetic are so cringey now.

  25. Faltou Card Monsters , Urbans Rivals e Yugi Oh !!! ??????????

  26. You forgot Mutant Chronicles Doomtrooper!

  27. There are good card games for android and ios, too. Lies of Astaroth for example, give it a try you'll like it a lot

  28. Gwent is the best and the most tactical game of the bunch.

  29. Just a series of trailers? Right well let me help then. MTG and HS are well executed but prohibitively expensive. The best thought-out and most generous are Legends of Runterra and Gwent. Shadowverse is very very generous too but that anime can put some off.

  30. I used to play Shadowverse but it is actually pay to win game so dropped

  31. this kind of games are fun coz you make your own strategy and group up cards—–that is what I though before playing but these days people just google it or watch youtube videos to build their is like copy and paste you know…what is the point? some gamer came up the idea and u r using it to win battles

  32. The internet killed tcg because all the decks that are copy pasta

  33. I cant download the duelyst can anyone help me please?

  34. I like how you added music, rather then describe the games or explain why you think they are the best. I made it to 3 minutes. What a useless video.

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