Best Card Games 2021 | TOP10 Digital Card Games PC -

Best Card Games 2021 | TOP10 Digital Card Games PC

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Best Card games in 2021 that you need to try. These online card games are the best digital card games to start in 2021. This is my favourite list of the most played and loved card games on the PC including trading card games (TCG), collectible Card Games (CCG) as well as living card games (LCG).

Footage from Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering Arena, Gwent, Faeria, Legends of Runeterra, Slay The Spire, Eternal, Griftlands, Kards, Monster Train, has been used.

Best ROGUE-Like CARD Games | Top10 Rogue Card PC Games:

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  1. Just tried Kards and it’s really good, thx for this list

  2. DO NOT PLAY HEARTHSTONE! they just made it "pay to win" today 31/08/2022. There are thousands of players looking for a new card game today.

  3. hmmm the list missing an important game of this genre: Mythgard CCG

  4. i recommend splinterlands great nft game

  5. wtf Gwent seems the best

  6. What is the song played during the Kards trailer, that doesn't seem to be the original trailer music?


  8. LoR is free to play!!! for real though, you get endless freecards at such a ridiculous fast pace you don't have to spend a single cent to build any deck you want. Which is crazy for a card game.

  9. where is yugioh??? The fact that yugioh isnt even on this list is laughable

  10. wait i cant see yugioh duel links in the number one what the fuck??!?!?!!?

  11. Interesting that someone has Hearthstone higher than Monster Train and Slay The Spire. Then again its a different game I guess!

  12. I'm suprise they didn't put Urban Rival on the list

  13. Loved Faeria when I tried it but it took so long to get a match and you played vs. the same players all the time!
    Is Faeria dead or is it bigger than it was?

  14. Here is my opinion on these games:
    1) Faeria. Hm, it's not a bad game but due to its idea of claiming lands it is a bit repetative and ecome boring quite fast. Most of players go straight line as fast as they can so every game looks almost identical
    2) Don't know what it is
    3) Griftlands. Game is interesing, card parts however is not complex so i liked the game but didn't like fighting much. I would recommend Nowhere Prophet instead. It was interesting due to fact that when your card dies it is purged from your deck (it's not entirely true but you will see if you try)
    4) Ethernal. Didn't play but i see that combat system is Heartstone like so opinion will be below
    5) Monster train. I personally didn't like this game much. Especially because there are no many strategies for each character. For example Stygian Quard is destined to play via spells while it has some interesing units. When i opened all 12 characters, there is nothing left to do in this game because requirements of opening characters lead to you playing another ones till you get sick of them. Challanges don't save situations (mostly because you have only 1 attempt)
    6) Thronebreaker. Don't remind me about this game. While card part is good (like gwent), adventure part is awful mostly because of gathering resources. Instead of good story you have your avatar walking and collecting resources on map like some kind of starscoinswhatever in playstation 2 games for children (3D mario for example)
    7)Gwent was good till it changed. I liked 3 rows more than 2 rows
    8) Won't comment, we all know this game
    9) MtG. Good game but i was irritated by the fact that card on table look not like cards (description is cut off). I liked the graphic in MtG Arena more
    10) Heartstone. I don't like this game. It's too straightforward. It's dynamic, looks funny, but seems like it lacks trategy aspect
    11) Didn't try it. Maybe some day

  15. Great article! Speaking of arts and designs, there's this new card game called LAGIM. It's a Philippine-themed card game based on folklore and myths. You will be amazed by the look of it. You may visit their FB page and website and the game will be launching soon on Kickstarter.

  16. lor ftw as a person who played duelyst hearthstone shadowverse gwent mtgarena eternal and elder scrolls legends i can say legends of runeterra doing things right. not a grindfest as hs great reward system multiple game modes, visually smooth and all around nice game to play all ccgs suffers the curse of card pool max n broken combos but lets see

  17. Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist : Link Evolution

    is the best!

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