Best FREE Games On Steam 2021 Edition -

Best FREE Games On Steam 2021 Edition

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Keep your wallets closed, as this video is all about the best free games you can play on steam.

What’s better than sitting down at your PC to a new game? Well, sitting down to a new game that’s totally free of course! We’ve scoured Steam for a selection of ten great games you can play right now. Whether you’re into indie adventures, fast-paced shooters, or sitting down to a board game, there’s something for you. Plus check out the rest of the Logitech G channel for our other free games lists to save you even more!

So here is our list of the best free games to play on Steam:

Intro 00:00
1 Spellbreak 0:46
2 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game 1:37
3 Destiny 2 2:34
4 Digital Combat Simulator 3:30
5 Brawlhalla 4:22
6 Missed messages 5:19
7 Paladins 6:03
8 The Supper 6:54
9 Tabletopia 7:41
10 Apex Legends 8:32
Outro 9:24

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  1. I really appreciate this as I am a android player I didn't even think games were free on steam you earned a new sub

  2. Paladins, because i like for my team members to do the work then when they need help i go in

  3. paladins is the best but people don't much play it because..

  4. ye…and now name those dat you can play if you are playing alone because your friends not share your interests in these games. going with strangers is absolute horrible experience.

  5. this may have been made a few months ago but i downloaded spellbreak yesterday and on my first game i got 10 kills and a winn with barely any health lost

  6. 0:46 Thanks! Now I can never ever be distracted by 10-year-old kids on Fortnite.

  7. Destiny 2 used to be semi good when you had to pay for it but they make it feel like a chore to grind for some things and its not a very enjoyable grind. But for the people who still play it and have fun in it then good for them and I hope they still have fun with it. Just for me I got tired of it and went on to other games.

  8. Note: If you have a bad pc i suggest you to not play apex legend you will sometime get a bad fps

  9. As a Hardcore Team fortress 2 player, I totally agree with this list.

  10. ONE MATE? IG you mean 89 million people who have a switch…..

  11. Destiny 2 f2p be like: yeah u get pvp .. oh you want actual story? $80. here’s some strikes until then, though go wild

  12. spellbreak is a good game but looking for a match is so slow, most players i think they don't play this game.

  13. I play DCS World on PC and it is really fun. It has around 3 dozen modules that you can fly (at time of comment) and 7 maps (at time of comment). Along with this it has a lot of AI only planes, helicopters, ships, and ground vehicles. Eras range from the beginning of World War II to present day. Also if you want you can fly with a keyboard to a whole cockpit in you house with VR support.


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