Best Playing Card Games (HINDI) | Judgement // Kachuful | How to Play Family Playing Cards Games -

Best Playing Card Games (HINDI) | Judgement // Kachuful | How to Play Family Playing Cards Games

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Bored of playing the same playing cards games over and over again? Here we have for you the BEST family playing cards games! The best game is Judgement, also known as Kachuful! Learn how to play judgement and how to play kachuful with us!

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Intro & Motive // 00:00
Hukum & Sar // 00:47
Score Sheet Preparation // 01:15
How to Play // 02:14
Scoring // 04:35
Fun Moments! // 05:45

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  1. We play it with additional blind round too when distribution is just one card , where no one has to see the card and everyone has to guess the hand without seeing the card !

  2. My favourite game… It becomes more interesting if players are more than 4..

  3. Plz sis dahla pakad k sare rule samjha do plz

  4. Batane se accha ek baar fast forward me game dikha deti toh behtar samajh me aata

  5. how to decide that how many cards needs to b in game?

  6. Now u said if a person makes 0 and does 0 he gets 10 same if he say 2 and makes 2 he gets 12 but what abt negative scoring if he bid. 2 and makes 0 then what plz tell

  7. Suppose base card is Spade and the card played is Spade Jack, other person puts flower Ace and rest of people put spades which are lower than jack…… Who wins? Consider diamond as trump card and nobody has played diamond.

  8. Are u a Gujarati??and yes than this is not judgement played in Gujarat for any other state IDK

  9. just a correction: 1/ kali 2/ charkat 3/phali 4/lal then 5/ NO SIR/TRUM (whatever you call it)that means whoever's card is highest takes it

  10. If a person says 0 and unfortunately makes 2 then what?

  11. Not at home. Challenge.

    At homes.

    Rummy. Bridge.

    At Clubs.

  12. We also put one round as no trump. So it’s KaChuFuL No.

  13. Maam 3 player me kitna card distribute karna hai????

  14. Once the round is overr do we remove random cards or specific cards for next round?
    In first round we dealt 13 cards each for 4 players.. so next round will be with 12 cards each but which 4 card to remove?

  15. Just want to ask that how many sets can we make in the 1 round so that it does not get equal to 1

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