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Red Zone Rogue aims to be your go-to source for Flesh and Blood TCG variety content – join us and welcome to the Rogue’s Gallery! Here you’ll find fun, informative videos about all aspects of the Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game! Flesh and Blood is the focus but no game is off limits!

I always strive to be a positive force in the card gaming community.

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  1. The fact that Dragonball Super Card Game is not here is crazy

  2. I don’t think flesh and blood will “replace” yugioh as one of the big 3, since I’ve never even heard of it before now, but I think it could be in the top 5 or something.

    IDK much about it, but that’s just some stray thoughts.

  3. Strictly speaking competitive terms yugioh has been the top dog in terms of tournament turnout for inperson pre pandemic and online events during the pandemic. Konami has been really pushing paper online events and has shown they still want us playing the game even in these hard times. For the first time MTG has banned mroe cards than ygo in the last year, balance has been good. Ive never been happier to play ygo and id be shocked if any informed person tries to say mtg is bigger in terms of yugioh in terms of tournament play. Now if we go off casual play as well MTG will ALWAYS be on top, its just how it is, kitchen table mtg and commander are just too big. Pokemon is pokemon games alright and some people play it, its mostly for collectors.

  4. The Digimon TCG went bonkers tbh, unless Bandai will mess it up big time (again..), it should last for some time and prosper.
    I do hope Wixoss will see a spot in this sort of video next year, now that it has an English release!

  5. I like that ygo players aren't all super nerds like mtg however mtg is a better game with modern vs modern imo vintage ygo formats better than mtg though.

  6. This is the first I've heard of Flesh And Blood so I don't really see it staying ahead of yugioh though if Digimon can manage to meet supply and demand then maybe I can see that tcg taking it's place especially if yugioh keeps messing up certain products.

  7. hey, I see you have 1 box of reckoning of vashr, would you have one spare willing to sell or know anyone who might?

  8. Dragonball super tcg is also gaining a lot new Player etc. The game is getting better and better. The next deck will be released on August 13th. So yeah this game would be also worth mentioning 😄

  9. Awesome video, it really give me the vibe to start playing a TCG game. It would be cool if you look at the camera more dude 🙂

  10. The problem with all other card games besides the top 3 is that none of them are as organic as them.
    They're not games that you see people play in the lunchroom. They all require you to already be invested into card games.
    Which is why I'd say probably the 4th biggest game is probably Hearthstone.

  11. since 1995 , wah i need call u abang , in malaysia terms haha ~ mean big bro haha

  12. Damn no mention of the final fantasy tcg….that's a little concerning considering I just bought a box and pre release kit of the newest set…is it not doing well?

  13. I thought force of will died? I know there are like no stores that support it even when I was living in NYC the last 4 years which is a big city with a lot of card shops. I saw cards in some binders but hardly any players. I honestly thought the game got discontinued I heard a lot of players getting upset about the game being mismanaged and just not supporting it in general and just make products and hope for the best or just the power level of new product. I was also surprised to not see CFV, weiss schwartz etc on this list as they are like waifu games.

  14. i have never heard of flesh and blood… i've also never seen it in any card shops… soo yea I dont see it knocking down the big 3 anytime soon..

  15. I have a query about Dragoborne since Bushiroad no longer supports questions for it. Can you Siphon a die to 0, destroying it, assuming you meet its requirements (e.g. Siphon 3 on a 3 die)? IIRC Bushiroad once said you can't Siphon a die to 0, but that always struck me as odd. The game has always felt like it lacked a real polish in terms of rulings.

  16. Good afternoon! I have a Kickstarter for our new Deck Box designs starting next Friday (10/15) @ 12pm EDT and would like as much word spreading about it. Please let me know if we can collaborate on spreading the word together! Thank you.

  17. Guys what's better digital tcg games or physical tcg

  18. Great video. Recently starting to learn about new TCG. Just what I was looking for. Did Flesh and Blood blow up like you predicted?

  19. I played both pokemon and mtg and ygo , and ygo is by far the best most comolex and exciting fun to play game

  20. lol I have a starter thing with dice for dragoborn irdk how to play

  21. brooooo you dont need to throw your hands around EVERY second 😂 great vid tho

  22. Agree with your 💭 thoughts. . Loving the Holos even on the common cards on FAB

  23. Dragon ball super tcg, the best looking art right now no doubt.

  24. GODS UNCHAINED! HANDS DOWN THE BEST AND THE FUTURE! OWN your cards through blockchain technology!

  25. I like the basic idea of card games, where each player has an individual deck and you don't know what your enemy is playing and I really like booster drafts. What I dislike about TCGs is expansion after expansion after expansion…. I used to play a lot of MtG, but there's just too much stuff out. Each new expansion adds rules and mechanics that often times feel clunky and unnecessary with the sole purpose to justify a new set. So now I'm primarily interested in dead TCGs and/or drafting from a common card pool. EDIT: The old Wing Commander TCG was actually quite fun.

  26. use to play yugioh but there's to much going on with all these mechanics.Im currently playing pokemon but the pay to win price is to steep for me. i hope i can find something i like where can play with my wife and enjoy .

  27. Best is yugioh after that vanguard and then it’s settled

  28. Nice vid. I come from 1994 CCGs. MTG, VTES, Android, Pokemon, Spellfire, and a bunch of OG games. Currently, I’m collecting some Pokemon and buying into Dragonball Super and Bakugan. I might try Flesh and Blood some more, but it doesnt seem too fun and the art is boring. I’m looking at Weiss as weel.

  29. Great channel. Thanks. Did you know Spellfire is being remade? With a physical and digital version.

  30. I shouldn't be like this… but any time I see a new game being made, I panick a little because I'm trying to make a tcg of my own, and I'm anxious that a specific game Element will be used by another bigger company before I finish making mine

  31. What do you think of legends of runeterra?

  32. Digimon has been fire lately!!! And I don't think it's stopping. I have got into it recently and it's so much fun with many different options. Hopefully bandai doesn't screw it up again. From the looks of it they actually care this time around.

  33. I want create my own game, but not sure how and would like some games for inspiration. I know Pokemon & Yugioh

  34. Damn that is a bad ass set up you have there

  35. The only thing holding me back from FAB is the strong player identification with the heroes and there being none that appeals to me in the game. I'd like a adventurer/rogue/bard kind of archetype, more orentied towards wits then the magic or warfare heroes currently in the game.

  36. Timestamps (for future reference):

    The Big Three:
    1) Magic: the Gathering 2:07
    2) Pokemon 3:02
    3) Yu-gi-oh 4:11

    Hot New TCGs:
    4) Flesh and Blood 6:11
    5) Digimon 7:59

    Obscure TCGs:
    6) Gate Ruler 9:13
    7) Force of Will 10:38
    8) Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn 11:45

    Dead / Vintage TCGs:
    9) Cyberpunk 13:16
    10) Middle Earth 15:45
    11) Vampire: The Eternal Struggle 17:01
    12) World of Warcraft 17:39
    13) Dragoborne 18:58

    Japanese Only TCGs:
    14) WiXross 20:24

    Other TCGs Not in the Video:
    A) Duel Masters (Dead / Vintage)
    B) Final Fantasy (Obscure)
    C) Cardfight!! Vanguard (Obscure)
    D) Dragon Ball Z / Super (Obscure)
    E) D&D Miniatures (Obscure)
    F) Meta Zoo (Obscure)
    G) Star Wars: Destiny (Dead / Vintage)
    H) Weiss Schwarz (Obscure)

    Online Only TCGs (also not in video):
    (i) Legends of Runeterra
    (ii) Hearthstone
    (ii) Gwent
    (iii) The Elder Scrolls: Legends

  37. I doubt yugioh will ever lose the third spot due to its anime. The reason why many have quit yugioh, it’s because you can finish your opponent in 2 turns

  38. Digimon never excited me, flesh and blood is expensive and kinda boring card art for me personally, magic the gathering is still magic the gathering, yugioh is fun with casual decks but nobody only a few people at my local show up to play casual, the rest are the purely to play in tournament and leave.

    Pokemon tcg is a joke.

    Ashes reborn was super cool but nobody wanted to play it. Everyone I introduced it to loved it, but nobody bought it because nobody else bought it. I think the biggest reason people didn't get into it is the little counter pieces, they're annoying to keep track of. I wish the game came with little trays or boxes for the cardboard pieces.

    Gate ruler is a new game that I love. However it's been out for a year, the subreddit has like 500 followers. Atleast there's a tiny small gathering on Saturdays for gate ruler, sadly conflicting with yugioh time,

  39. Ok so what I'm looking for, is the best place to have a digital or online collection, for Yughio, Magic, and Pokemon

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