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So proud of my son. He hustled to get this $$.


  1. fuck that jus pick all the box up bro comon fam were out here still

  2. So he give away like 1000 dollars for 4 hard paper…

  3. Ok I understand this but 1,500? I would have got a new phone lol but it’s his choice congrats!

  4. bro couldve bought shoes what he doin playin wit cards

  5. Why would people spend money on cards that’s dumb

  6. Tell me your spoiled without telling me your spoiled

  7. Those guys better not catch an assault case or sum cus them cards gon be 👎🏽😂

  8. TryingToReach100ksubsWithoutPostingaSingleVideo. says:

    Who ever thought that a piece of plastic and paper with writing on it costs so much

  9. The way he saying 1001 1000 to 1003 instead of saying 1200 1300 1400😂

  10. Thousand dollars for cards, like out of all things he could have gotten for his age and spends them on cards like what are you gonna do look at them?

  11. Buenas noches, en dónde puedo vender mis tarjetas??

  12. He coulda bought a tax lien property for half 😢😂😂

  13. Ouch. Either this kid just dropped his bank on something stupid or his parents spoil him

  14. Cool nah, that is relatable i drop almost 2k on four useless cards all the time.

  15. Celebrity Christopher and Penelope Fountain says:

    This idiot kid was ripped off.

  16. the people in the background be like sheesh this guy is rich

  17. 1 year later hey dad the dog ate my cards

  18. Biggest waste of his life… little guy could of been set up with a car in a few years… these cards will not hold value what happens if burrow gets injured or has a crappy season and people realize he’s not really that good… but who am I.

  19. paying 1700 for cards, what a waste of money

  20. Why do you all spend on card when people even get something to eat

  21. I don’t get why the sneaker community gets so much hate but the trading card community doesn’t. Not hating but I think us sneakerheads deserve a break

  22. First, that was way over priced for those! The market is ridiculous and what people pay over just hype. Secondly, I've seen this Kidd open stuff and buy stuff many times, and I don't think he will grow up knowing the value of a dollar.

  23. Like 1k now and respect ya money hand it to the gentleman glad he didn’t either

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