Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Works | WIRED -

Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Works | WIRED

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There’s a lot more to counting cards in Blackjack than meets the eye. Mike Aponte, former member of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team, takes us through the complicated process of counting cards.

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Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Works | WIRED


  1. Sorry noob question. How can they even prove card counting ? Even if they do. Can't you deny it ?

  2. 5:08 lmao this is just plain wrong, the RC is 21 not 23 lmfao

  3. What if the running count is 3 and there’s roughly 4 decks left you can’t do 3 divided by 4 so what do you do here

  4. Check the arrow up ⬆️⤴️Best plug for cc and dumps 💯 thanks for the 5k balance bro 😎

  5. Check the arrow up ⬆️⤴️Best plug for cc and dumps 💯 thanks for the 5k balance bro 😎

  6. When dealing though, dealer puts one of everyone's cards face down.
    How do you know what the count is, and when to bet or fold if they all have one card face down.
    Or is this based on the reveals?
    Also, how do you know how many decks the dealer is using, or how many decks are left, without asking the dealer and them getting suspicious?

  7. Um….. I feel like I'm in algebra again. I just want to be a piece of duty already.

  8. Seems overwhelming but lots and lots of practice makes it easier and easier like anything.. especially if your not a math genius..

  9. Yea, let me ask the dealer for paper and pencil

  10. you think this guy really gunna tell you the truth?

  11. The casinos just have to shuffle the deck after each hand… With a machine that's basically instant

  12. I follow until you start adding in the other decks and how the heck do I know how many decks are in play and out of play

  13. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say says:

    If casinos let you keep a paper and pen at the table they wouldn't allow Blackjack anywhere. 🤣

  14. They must have been playing some amazing games, because an offset true count is just too slow to ramp in a shoe. If you're still only at a 5 unit bet at +6TC, you're gonna push the long run into the ether. I'm at 12 to 15 units by +3tc. The only way I can see this working is wonging in at whatever true count you decide and then flat betting. Outside of that you're leaving money in the table. My opinion.

  15. I love how he spoke slowly as he explained it, and dealt the cards like a machine 😂😭😭

  16. Great video. It was really the cardistry for me

  17. Yea your Little magic tricks throw me up just tell me how to count cards lol

  18. All I hear is "divide by the quantum theory of relativity, and subtract by 5 every hand and then divide that by pie spuared, and you get your running count."

  19. I'm still trying to understand the concept of this strategy 🤔

  20. Wow, that's simple. Tries to learn basic strategy Ok nvm.

  21. this seems a little easy… what’s the catch?

  22. Counting is one thing,but he never explained how to do so without getting busted…

  23. This pissed me off watching lol. No wonder the 1% are the 1%. Granted if I was taught how this guy was I’m sure it would be easier to grasp but still …. Sheeeeesh

  24. Got all that? Thought so. Me neither. I don't gamble.

  25. Thank you for a good explanation, now it’s alllll repetition!!

  26. It's like knowing the odds which is basically paying attention. Paying attention is illegal ?.

  27. Knowing how to do this, how do you ever stop doing it ?.

  28. what does he mean by 4.5 decks i don’t get that

  29. Soo…Hit with anything below 16. And hit on 16 if the dealers up card is a 7 or greater, especially if the count is really low (low means there are less of the high cards left that will make you bust because each time a high card comes out you subtract 1)….if the count is high you have a high probability of drawing a card with value 10 because it means there hasn’t been a lot of subtractions (-1 for 10,J,Q,K, and A) which means they’re still in the pile to be turned over. If the count is high and you have a 17 or greater you should definitely stay regardless what the dealer has. If the count is not high your bets should be low because you have a higher probably of drawing a card worth 10 and busting, so the idea is when you lose you lose small, but when the count is high, say 18 with 3 decks left in the dealers pile then the true count is 6. You should bet 6 units (based on your minimum bets or whatever you feel comfortable with you decide what a unit is in the beginning to be your personal minimum bet. Ex if your betting 20 dollars when the count is low, you will bet 120 in the above situation when the true count is 6 (20×6=120) That way when you have a higher probability of winning you have more money bet so you can make more. Lose smaller and win bigger based on the count and your betting. Do I have this right?

  30. Tryna learn this made me even more dumb🤦🏽‍♂️

  31. how do you know how many decks the house is using? and how do you know how many cards have already been played and what cards they were?

  32. I earned around 10,000$ after soo long.

  33. I can keep up until I gotta do the true count part/betting part… after that it’s a shot in the dark.

  34. BS+CC+ Strong emotional adaptation+Significant sum in the pocket= Win but you have to be able to lose a huge chunk of money


  36. at the table where I was at,as soon as about a deck of cards were stacked up, they would grab'em and put it into the do I get the true count if they keep doing that and how do I know how many deck of cards are in the shuffling machine ?

  37. The only hard thing is counting while the cards is dealt and act like you not staring at the cards on the board using your fingers under the table to count

  38. I wasn’t here to learn, counting. I was here at the watch the magician do it slide of hands.

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  40. Nice, I'm gonna go get my legs broken next weekend.

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