Bloodborne: The Card Game Review -

Bloodborne: The Card Game Review

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Bloodborne: The Card Game Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:05); final thoughts and review (09:34);

Bloodborne: The Card Game

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  1. Hello, I have 2 question. 1.Tonitirus have instant efect, so I do 3 damage before Monster attack, or after? And cannon to.2.If I Fight with a boss, and I don't kill him at the first round, în a second round me and the hunter are low HP, is activate +1 hp if the final boss is Mego's Wet nurse?

  2. To me it just seems like a worse version of Cutthroat Caverns which I already hate 🙁

  3. nice work Joel, you've been cranking out the review content. WE APPRECIATE YOU!!

  4. Well done on the review, I definitely think I'll be skipping this game. Not my type of game at all.

    I absolutely loved the video game, one of my favorites in fact. Very rich interesting story and lore, good universe. I honestly feel like they completely missed an awesome opportunity with this IP making a bluffing cutthroat card game instead of trying to capture the essence of the video game with fast paced action and amazing monsters. I wouldn't even say they needed to make it dark souls board game or super dungeon explore mini heavy either, but just anything besides this….

    I almost wet myself when I heard they were making a bloodborne board game, then I saw what it would be and was utterly disappointed. 🙁

  5. Thanks for the review, that game seems boring. Am a fan of the video game cleared it three times for the 100%. But Boss Monster or even Munchkins appears to play better.

    Seeing the Dark Souls board game made me look into this. It's a shame they did not make Bloodborne into a similar thing. A Amygdala mini would stand out nice with my Malifaux Pandora and Bloodbowl 2016 🙂

  6. Just got this today for Christmas. This video makes me look forward to playing it even more!

  7. Just picked this up with some of my Christmas cash. Excited to play it! My friends and I are big Bloodborne/Souls fans so hopefully this will tie us over while we wait for the Dark Souls Kickstarter.

  8. can sit and play boardgame solo for hours but can't play Bloodborne video game where you can save and walk away or pause. CMON MAN GET STUCK IN!!!

  9. I feel the company really screwed this up by making a solo player video game require 3-5 players. really f'ing lame

  10. Great review! But "hunters going from place to place killing demons" just hit me in the heart! 😅😅😅

  11. Sekiro is a nice game but everybody begging for Bloodborne 2!

  12. Can’t you also play this game with 2 players?

  13. Hi! Good review 🙂 Are there any similar board games to bloodborne where there are mechanics: Card Drafting
    Dice rolling
    Hand Management
    Push your luck
    Set Collection
    Simultaneous Action Selection
    Variable Player Powers

  14. The expansion is definitely worth picking up too. Love this card game

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