Bluey 5 in 1 Jumbo Card Games Review! | Board Game Night -

Bluey 5 in 1 Jumbo Card Games Review! | Board Game Night

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We review the Bluey 5 in 1 Games jumbo card game pack!
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  1. Is there still more out😅😅😅,. Cause this game seems really fun and I would love to get this and I love bluey!!! 🥰🥰🥰🤨

  2. HI your review is really good, although there isnt a link to the game instructions. can you please put them on here again please

  3. The show is amazing! First time I watched was in Portugal and is so much fun, we learn so much with it! Like that episode that the father put bluey in the garbage if she does not help 😂genius!

  4. I am from the UK, but, I have watched bluey x By Jake C

  5. We do watch the show here in the U.S. California/ San Diego ( the area is called Spring Valley.And we do Love the show 👍👍

  6. We’re in California and we watch bluey! It’s a great show! 🥰

  7. I am in Trinidad and I love BLUEY!!!

  8. Hi. I have purchase the game from Vinnies but it does not have the instructions. I couldn’t find where you have put the instructions. Thanks

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