Bonds Beyond Time Abridged Opening Scene: CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES -

Bonds Beyond Time Abridged Opening Scene: CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES

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Just a clip of the opening scene of LittleKuriboh’s Abridged version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie of the same name. I didn’t make anything, I just cut out the clip so it could exist on these youtubes. Because it is my favorite scene from anything ever. All credit goes to the people who actually do work on this stuff.


  1. Card games on GRAUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i liked that but why did u cut out the card going through a time stream

  3. god that would've given me nightmares too… O_O

  4. Is Jack voiced by Takahata101? Because he sounds a lot like Nappa.

  5. 2 like to play card games on the ground…
    for me they are DEAD

  6. ………. That's your nightmare? Well, my nightmare is your dreams…..

  7. Brian: Law

    Law: Brian?

    Brian: There's something you should know.

    Law: What is it Brian?

    Brian: Video Game High School

    Law: What?

    Brian: I said, Video Game High School.

    Law: I beg your pardon?

    Brian: I said, Video Game High School!!

    Law: What the hell is a High School?

    Brian: You're kidding, right?

    Law: Hey Ted, do you know what a high school is?

    Ted: Can't say that I do Law.

    Law: Yeah we don't know what that is.

    Brian: But we go there every day, it's the premise of our entire show.

    Law: Why would we do that?

    Brian: So we can attend Video Game High School

    Law: That sounds stupid.

    Brian: Law, you're scaring me.

    Law: Come on Ted, lets go play video games, while sitting completely still (slower) in (slower) our (slower) homes.

    Brian: NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gasps Breathing heavily Oh thank God.

  8. Robin:Bree.


    Robin:There is something you should know…

    Breezy:What is it Robin?.

    Robin:Nuke bombs.


    Robin:i said, nuke bombs.

    Breezy:I beg your pardon?.

    Robin:i said, nuke bombs!!!.

    Breezy:What the hell is a nuke bomb?.

    Robin:You're kidding right?.

    Breezy:Hey Luna, do you have any idea what a nuke bomb is?.

    Luna:Can't say that i do Bree.

    Breezy:Yeah we don't know what that is.

    Robin:But we use then all the time, is our trademark.

    Breezy:Why would we use that?.

    Robin:So that we can blow up everything with it.

    Breezy:That sounds stupid.

    Robin:Bree you're scaring me.

    Breezy:Come on Luna, let's play jenga, without any, ex-plosi-on.


    Robin:Ahhhhh!?, oh thank god.

  9. Gx: card games in school
    5ds: card games on motorcycles
    Zexal: Card games in space
    Arc V: Card games and excercise
    VRAINS: card games on hover boards

    T H E
    G R O U N D !

  11. Playmaker: Revolver
    Revolver: Playmaker
    Playmaker: there is something you should know
    Revolver: what is it, Playmaker?
    Playmaker: card games in cyberspace
    Revolver: what?
    Playmaker:I said, card games in cyberspace
    Revolver: I beg your pardon?
    Playmaker:I said, card games in cyberspace
    Revolver: what the hell is cyberspace?
    Playmaker: your kidding, right?
    Revolver: hey, Blue Angel, do you know what cyberspace is?
    Blue Angel: can't say that I do
    Revolver: yeah, we don't know what it is
    Playmaker: but, we go to it all the time, it's our trademark
    Revolver: why would we do that?
    Playmaker: so we can play card games there
    Revolver: that sounds stupid
    Playmaker: Revolver, you're scaring me
    Revolver: come on, Blue, let's play a card game, standing very still in. REAL. LIFE
    Playmaker: Noooooooo
    Yusaku: gasps pants oh, thank god


    Vegeta: Card Games on MOTORCYCLES!!!


    Goku (Fanbase): Idk that actually sounds edgy and cool and I was trained in the art of Synchro Summoning.

  13. I like they don't know what a motorcycle is while Yusei is siting on one and Jack is standing right next to one.

  14. cmon crow let go play while standing completely still ON THE GROUND. NOOOOOOOO YUGIOH 5DS TURN INTO YUGIOH NO DS

  15. Crow
    Lets play a card game
    Standing compleatly still


  16. I came here cuz I heard 6ix9ines scream and thought that voice sounded familiar
    I wasn't wrong

  17. Jack, look out!
    Crow, look out!
    Wario, look out!
    Imma gonna win!

  18. I'd like to point out that this Abridged movie was my first exposure to 5Ds. Putting aside the memes… they did do ground duels on a regular basis. Without the Motorcycles. Or Duel Boards.

  19. I suspect Gridiron heights Patrick Mahomes was inspired by this jack atlas

  20. I got to tell you guys something very important and hard to say


    Card games on motorcycles

  21. Byakuren: "Shou."
    Shou: "Byakureeeeen!"
    Byakuren: "There's something you should know."
    Shou: "Whaaaaat is it, Byakureeeeen?"
    Byakuren: "Spell cards on motorcycles."
    Shou: "What?"
    Byakuren: "I said, spell cards on motorcycles."
    Shou: "I beg your pardon?"
    Byakuren: "I said, spell cards on motorcycles!"
    Shou: "What the hell is a motorcycle?"
    Byakuren: "You're kidding, right?"
    Shou: "Hey, Nazrin, do you have any idea what a motorcycle is?"
    Nazrin: "Can't say that I do, Shou."
    Shou: "Yeah, we don't know what that is."
    Byakuren: "But we ride them all the time. It's our trademark."
    Shou: "Why would we do that?"
    Byakuren: "So that we can use spell cards on them!"
    Shou: "That sounds dumb."
    Byakuren: "Shou, you're scaring me…"
    Shou: "Come on, Nazrin. Let's go duel with spellcards… while standing completely still… on. The. *GROUND.*"

  22. Jaden: Hey Chazz.

    Chazz: Hey Jaden.

    Jaden: There's something you should know.

    Chazz: What is it, Jaden?

    Jaden: Card games in Nile Academy.

    (Drum beat)

    Chazz: What?

    Jaden: I said, card games in Nile Academy.

    Chazz: I beg your pardon?

    Jaden: I said, card games in Nile Academy!

    Chazz: What on Earth is Nile Academy?

    Jaden: You're kidding, right?

    Chazz: Hey Aster! Do you have any idea what Nile Academy is?

    Aster: Can't say that I do, Chazz.

    Chazz: Yeah, we don't know what is this.

    Jaden: But we go there all the time. It's located in Zeta Island.

    Chazz: Why would we do that?

    Jaden: Because we can become heroic duelists, known as Duel Rangers.

    Chazz: That sounds lame.

    Jaden: Chazz, you're scaring me.

    Chazz: Come on, Aster, let's go play a card game, while standing completely still… (dramatic zoom with his last three words) On… the… HOUSE.

    Jaden: (stereotypical dramatic slo-mo voice) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…!

    (Jaden wakes up suddenly in his sleeping bed.)

    Jaden: Aaaaah! (pants) Oh, thank God. It was just a dream.

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