Brand New Star Wars Card Game Revealed! Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game! -

Brand New Star Wars Card Game Revealed! Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game!

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There’s a new Star Wars card game coming and I am very excited! Come see!

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  1. I also love you enthusiasm. I do have reservations with FFG as I get something then they come out with new version. I have been nailed by this a couple of times. Though I might have made it once by waiting for the 2nd generation of Lord of the Rings LCG.

  2. if it's a deckbuilding game… than i think it will be more like Star Realms / Hero Realms 🙂 but that's cool

  3. I was confused if this was a deckbuilder, or constructed game like Marvel Champions. It sounds like both? Can you customize your starter deck?

  4. This looks fricking awesome! Gonna message my LGS now to see if I can preorder 😂

  5. Was a little hesitant when it was announced but I really like this. Definitely gonna pick this up.

  6. This sounds quite a bit like the Power Rangers DB game.. I believe you can take out stuff in the "buy" row as well and It's very enjoyable!

  7. I'll check it out, but I'm definitely sad that they're still not rebooting the best game – the Star Wars CCG. It needs a box set reboot, and I'm sure they could get the gameplay rights from what's left of Decipher for a song and a dance.

  8. Not sure what you mean by "Most deckbuilders your opponent doesn't know what you buy" in every Deckbuilding Game I know of the cards available to buy are public knowledge.

    The game looks like a typical deckbuilder with a few changes, but other than the theme nothing noteworthy.

  9. Man I really would've loved a co-op LCG like Marvel Champions but with Star Wars. But this still looks cool

  10. There’s so much negativity in the tabletop world and I always appreciate your positivity and excitement Ross. Thank you for great videos

  11. I wish this was built for solo play. I want a Star Wars LCG type game.

  12. So… Star Realms with the Force and 7 years later? Don't get me wrong, I'll buy… but it seems lazy

  13. Can't wait to try this one on the channel kinda reminds me in and ways to Power Rangers and in others Star Realms

  14. ah fuck it. another great FF CCG that i will love but not afford the series expansions in the future.

  15. I'd buy and play this game! This isn't an LCG, they'll probably make expansions. FFG is big on expansions.

  16. This game is more similar to the Power Rangers Deck Building game. Also plays almost the same way.

  17. Star Realms is superior. Just gonna keep buying that and Marvel Champions.

  18. Looks a lot like Ascension, which I still enjoy. I really like the fact that one side's purchasable cards are the other side's enemies, so combat is also denying your opponent cards.

  19. Looks like it could be fun, actually. I will definately try it out!

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