Brand New Star Wars Trading Card Game (TCG) Revealed! Star Wars Unlimited! -

Brand New Star Wars Trading Card Game (TCG) Revealed! Star Wars Unlimited!

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There’s a new Star Wars TCG coming and I am extremely excited! Come see!

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  1. Sad to say, but anyone who thinks this game has a chance to succeed is not in touch with reality. FFG has failed too many times with card games and Star Wars CCGs have failed multiple times. FFG is done. They should stick to board games.

  2. I can’t trust Wossy video titles anymore. Can someone confirm that this is an actual NEW TCG for Star Wars or is it a board game or a weiss collab

  3. FFG has had major issues maintaining organized play for any competitive game. Keyforge, Star Wars Destiny, Legend of the Five Rings, Game of Thrones, Android Netrunner (only one that isn't their fault), Star Wars LCG, 2 separate Warhammer LCGs. They all failed to maintain.

    They need to step up and prove they are capable of actually running an Organized Play scene before I can support another one of their Competitive Games. Because of the Company behind it, I unfortunately do have any faith in the product. Their track record speaks for itself.

  4. Huh? Didn’t they just release a deck building game

  5. Man the TCG market feeling like it’s 96 again 💀

  6. I swear, there’s a new star wars card game every other year.

  7. wow…. another one to forget about in a couple years…

  8. FFG has a terrible track record. Star Wars destiny tcg was a great game. But failed in the long run

  9. As someone who played SW Destiny from beginning to end, I am excited for this one!

  10. I really hope this is an actual card game, booster boxes starter decks and all, no side gimiks, not some sort of board game/card game. My Unrealistic hope is that it would be built off of or a continuation of the 90s Decipher card game. Not to discredit the SWCCG players committee that keeps that game alive cuz I still play and collect the old cards.

  11. Had to restore the fun joy and nostalgia to the world incredible

  12. I really hope it's a revival of the LCG, without the pod-based deckbuilding (which I personally enjoyed, but was unpopular and obviously wouldn't work outside the LCG format).

  13. Fantasy flight does not get me excited, they way to good at over complicating things. Destiny wasnt executed well at all.

  14. To be completely honest, this is a terrible idea for FFG. The concept is fantastic, but FFG has proven they simply can't deliver. They habitually never produce enough product, have awful communication with their player base, and are constantly moving on to the next shiny new thing, all the while laying off (or losing) their best staff. Oh did you like Keyforge? Too bad, it's over. Star Wars Destiny? Nah, all done. X-Wing or Armada? Forget it, our parent company makes worse business decisions than we do. I wish FFG the best, and want them to succeed as a company, but this is a hard pass.

  15. I hope it's better than the version I tested because it was not very good though it was very early in it's development

  16. The old star wars tcg with space, ground, character zones win 2 zones to win is goated. Marvel snap is alot like it. Interested in this but one piece is all my card money loo

  17. The idea of playing a Yuuzhan Vong or a Boba Fett/Bounty Hunter deck excites me a lot. Will be playing this day 1 long as it looks mechanically sound.

  18. I think this also kinda garuntees that there won't be any Starwars cards in Lorcana anytime soon.

  19. I hope the art is all fresh as FFG have used the same images for way to long between the many SW games they have made. They really have to go all out on this game as they don't have much left to offer.

  20. Disney out here launching a minor tcg for Lorcana to level up over. Brilliant marketing move

  21. 2023: year of the FAILED tcg games 😂 none of these are gonna stick. Metazoo is a cash grab, Lorcona will stick for a little maybe but will fall off. This, doesn’t stand a chance

  22. FFG is the ubisoft of board games, the hype train starts strong and on release, they are like "got ya suckers" and the release is not what they said. If FFG was smart they would have just bought the rights to the old decipher ccg and just updated that game.

  23. I stoped the video at exactly … the 3 mn mark, when he says "this game features iconic heroes, vilains, ships, and settings from all facets of the legendary star wars franchise". Ok, I know enough and it's a big NO. I will never buy any sheet with the disney stamp on it. They destroyed star wars. And marvel.
    Imagine playing with LEGENDARY heroes such as … stupid Finn, fan fiction Rose Tico, angry coward luke, famous pilot who-is Poe, etc.. SO MUCH FUN !!

  24. I loved x wing table top game, so I'm super excited about this!

  25. 8:30 sooo… Another wannabe clone? They learnt nothing. Cloning is bad. Being unique is good. U know why all 3: Pokemon, MTG and Ygo lived so long? All are unique and massive. Even Vanguard is doing better than these clones. I bet that game (Star Wars) will die.

  26. Not sure what SWU will be about. But I'm excited.


    Don't upset the wookee.

  27. This makes me miss Decipher. I hope they do a decent job with this.

  28. hugely head over heals excited about SWUnlimited!

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