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Bucs vs. Philadelphia | Wild Card Game Trailer

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Get ready as the Buccaneers kickoff the playoffs against Philadelphia during the Wild Card Matchup.

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  1. Tom is not GOAT he's the new LORD OF THE RINGs…. GO BUCS Raise the flag

  2. The GOAT is going to chew up my Eagles. Go Bucs! Raise 'em!

  3. Let's go Tampa Bay let's get this Super Bowl let's get this win

  4. We all know the Bucs is a superior team, BUT we all know as well that the team has those shut-down moments that make no sense and they just stop playing. So, we´ll see today how mentally prepared they are to just play what they know… go Bucs!


  6. Will be watching from England on Sky Sports GO BUCS!

  7. most don’t know that Arian’s offense is based on Don Corielle’s San Diego Chargers one back system that Joe Gibbs used to win 3 super bowls.

    Bucs are a hybrid of all teams and Brady is the cypher to it all. wow! I was a Redskins Fan.

    Raise ‘Em Up!!

  8. Bucs will lose by a field goal, eagles will move on.

  9. “Hey, Philly… it’s Ronde… again.” SO GOOD, LOLOLOL…..

  10. Buccaneers atleast another NFC championship Rematch against Aaron Rodgers..24 TO 10..bucs win.. I'm from Makati city Philippines onnninn 🇵🇭😎

  11. This will be a very difficult game. Keep your rally caps on!

  12. Who else thinks the Bucs would have likely won the Super Bowl last year with Minshew or anyone else who didn’t throw 30 interceptions?

    You are not to be trusted if that’s the case, but that’s what I have heard from die hard Bucs fans. You see the TB12 magic right there before your eyes but you can’t believe it.

    Tom Brady makes everyone in the organization better including the grounds crew. -Brandon Marshall

    People just can’t accept it.

  13. Play Buc football and not a team can touch us. Bucs all day, Let's go!

  14. Ronde Barber!!!!……. 1 of the original great BUCS from the 90s

  15. I’d love to see brady and the Bucs run the philly
    Special play just one more time but this time actually catch the ball for redemption.

  16. Only one thing to say, RAISE THE FLAGS!!!!

  17. Game will be pre-determined and Bucs will win, easily. Eagles won't try to compete. NFL is scripted.

  18. Brady has more playoff wins the eagles have . That's just insane!! Good luck Bucs!!

  19. I'm not even from Florida… the Bucs have the best marketing of anyone. Really makes it fun. Barber is fantastic.

  20. Let's GO BUCS🏴‍☠️💯🏆🏈🎉

  21. Yes!!! I love Your footage andvcommentary Ronde Barber!!!! I love seeing you again!!

  22. game over by 2nd quarter—-TB-41…Phi-10

  23. Barber is good-looking and love the way he does his videos

  24. If this doesn't get you hyped. check your pulse, you might be dead.

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