Can YOU Beat This Card?! Let me know! 😱🦖 #pokemoncards #pokemon #subscribe #shorts -

Can YOU Beat This Card?! Let me know! 😱🦖 #pokemoncards #pokemon #subscribe #shorts

Poppin’ Pulls
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  1. I got all gold vmax and v so goodbkuck trying to win

  2. I have a pokemon book full of v and cmon and star

  3. I mean I’ve got a full art shiny mega gyarados if that means anything

  4. I’ve got a rainbow rare regidrago Vstar if thats something

  5. I have Charizard basit

  6. Anyone in the comments beat this: I got an alt art umbreon Vmax PSA 10! Beat that

  7. I have charizard vmax and lugia vstar and magnezone ex and every other Pokémon card

  8. And I forgot something you did not pull the card it’s promo

  9. I could beat I have that card but it’s different though and a lot other card could be that

  10. I can. I have an op card that can stack up to infinite damage based on my energy

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