Card Games: Crash Course Games #13 -

Card Games: Crash Course Games #13

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Today, we’re going to step away from video games and take a closer look at a game type that has been with us for over a millennium – card games. Since Tang Dynasty China, cards have proven to have quite the staying power spawning a countless variety of games as well largely influencing gaming culture, particularly in games like Poker within the gambling industry and also more recently in trading card game communities around games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon TCG, and Magic: The Gathering.

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  1. Pokemon Go is here!!! make an special edition video!!!!!!

  2. I appreciate the fact that you included Eeevee in the video, it's my favorite Pokemon!

  3. I'm surprised Cards Against Humanity didn't get an honorable mention.

  4. Yea cause Hearthstone is the best example…or even the most recent.

  5. Very disappointed to see Tarot cards reduced to hocus pocus fortunetelling. In fact, Tarot cards, just like your average set of Bicycles, are, at their heart, PLAYING CARDS. Though virtually unheard of in the US, popular tarot games like French Tarot and Danish Tarok are still significantly popular in Europe. It is unfortunate that the actual history of these cards has been lost to the absolutely bull** mysticism with which they are now commonly associated. As an example, just check out a Tarot Nouveau deck. Regular suits, and then a set of 21 trumps; no death, high priestess or whatever else the heck in sight.

  6. You forgot two very important card games. Apples to Apples and Cards against Humanity.

  7. I'm doing research on Magic The Gathering! Especially about how it's localized, but there's much more ^^

  8. Thank you for covering card games & I believe I saw board games in a later episode.

  9. Didn't even mention Cards Against Humanity? It's the card game I see played most often in small social circles.

  10. Seems odd that you didn't even mention the "trick" games, like whist, hearts, spades, bridge, etc. There was a time, I think, where they were the dominant card game in the US. I know contract bridge is basically only played by old people, now, but it really is one of the greatest card games of all time.

  11. You have 10 seconds to prove that Gwent isn't the greatest card game.

    Protip: You can't

  12. Is Spadds listed for the culture!? ✊🏽

  13. Wait I thought the pokemon tcg came to the us in 1998?

  14. One of my favourite card games is the Italian game of "Scopa"!

  15. and now there is a yugioh archtype based on those very hanafuda cards lol 😛

  16. Arch Duke Ferdinand of the 3rd Cornipus of Orlando says:

    Every time he says "deck building" I keep thinking he's saying "d*** building"

    (Censored because I know kids watch this stuff)

  17. Hearthstone-where you win due to skill and lose due to bad RNG.

  18. Interesting factoid: Wizards of the Coast didn't have a lot of confidence in Magic: The Gathering, so wanted Richard Garfield to give them a 'money maker' first, and he gave them the board game called Robo Rally.

  19. lol "hearthstone is growing" it's more popular than mtg now

  20. Kind of hilarious that this series has 8 videos on the 40-year history of video games, and one video on card games which have been around for centuries.

  21. LI didn't know the creator of MAGIC is a smurf!!! That explains everything.

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  23. Really? Michael Hunt? Mike Hunt? Anyone… anyone?

  24. These videos are amazing. I know nothing about the gaming world I need this channel since I have so many gaming friends!

  25. I collect playing card decks. My favorite are Bicycle made decks.

  26. This series is so fascinating! I didn't think I would be interested when it first came out but I'm learning a ton and it's so interesting.

  27. In Italy we still use the mamluk cards even though i didn't know their history. COOOOL 🙂

  28. I like how they threw in the more spiritual/divinatory significance of Tarot cards. Regardless of your personal stance on such things, I appreciate anyone who doesn't make fun of and further ostracize such groups. 🙂

  29. A crash course about movies and theater would be cool

  30. Wow! He's freakin' old!
    "Different John Green"

  31. "You are Eevee right?"


  32. Primero means first in Spanish. Not poker's mother.

  33. “Isn’t that right, Eevee? You are Eevee, right?” X’D

  34. Primero that literally means first in Spanish or more accurately the first geez looks like the YouTube trend of saying first on a video as invented centuries ago

  35. My favorite GAME was born in 2003.
    Wait, you thought I meant the arrival of Pokemon in the US?
    Look it up. Its an RTS 🙂

  36. Not to mention the Japanese got their Hanafuda cards from copying the Portuguese and their gambling cards

  37. Pokemon TCG was in the states as soon as the games. 1998. There was a ban on Pokemon cards at my school in 1999.

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