card games with voiceover lines for each card -

card games with voiceover lines for each card

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  1. This is why I prefer quiet offline games to phone games, those are too noisy and distracting

  2. 이 채널이 어떻게 구독자가 200따리냐?

  3. I lost it when the subtitles just gave up on all the audio clips lmao😂

  4. 무슨 말인지 모르겠는데 졸라웃기네ㅋㅋ 음메~~~~~~음음메~~

  5. I've never laughed this hard in a long time holy shit

  6. Why is Archibald in a dairy game lmfao.
    "I think that enemy got the point"

  7. I wonder when he will get to the Cheese tasting phase

  8. It reminds me of Legends of Runeterra level up animation

  9. Where can I buy this game? It looks fun 🙃

  10. People keep talking about a “I think the enemy got that point,” line or something, but I’m not hearing it.

  11. Im just casually laughing like a lunatic over this

  12. Sorry, can you repeat it all? I couldn't hear that beginning part, so I wanna rehear it all–

    Everyone watching: NO HE DOES NOT.

  13. 0:35 YouTube Autogenerated Subtitles: You know what? Imma head out!

  14. Boy do I hate when my cows die is a line a quite daily now

  15. Man, chase an acting career cause id love to see whatever you think of on the big screen

  16. There even is a card in Shadowverse that actually makes the game go: "I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

  17. ⟭⟬𝔸ѕнιнєι ℍαтαкє⟭⟬ says:

    The cheese… Best card ever

  18. i just realized that this is basically an unli artifact build lmao….

  19. Oh man. I actually had a yodelling video which started at the same time as this one. That was even more intense than intended.

  20. Wow the Meta had changed a lot in fact the last meta had a lot of tea cards instead

  21. I had to listen to it twice because the first time I was only paying attention to what the cards were saying lol

  22. Audibly the worst experience thank you so much

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