card games with voiceover lines for each card -

card games with voiceover lines for each card

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  1. Prozd coming up with voiceovers be like:

    “Hey, uh… I’m a cheese.”

    “Good enough.”

    Dairy driver: HEY I'M DRIVIN HERE
    Cheese: hey uhhhh I'm a cheese.
    honestly I love the cheese.

  3. Nobody:
    "All right it's my turn I play a dairy cow its fanfare ability let's Ben play another day with two cows in play I can now play Dario I love Dario the tooth and create a cheetah I'm a cheese gives dairy farmer and attack boats so I'm also hearing the dairy truck driver who hits one of the cows with his truck on action and involves Gary a farmer into angry or do I hate when my everytime farmer takes another bite of cheese dairy truck driver base which flings him on top of the other cap now dairy truck driver evolves into a dairy cow rider"

  4. I want to play this farming cardgame where can I get a copy?

  5. Did you make dairy themed cards for this video?

  6. Basically Yu-Gi-Oh! in a nutshell. Hey anyone remember when revealing a Man Eater Bug facedown was terrifying to your opponent and SO SATISFYING to you? I will be older then Atem when a turn is over with the synchro and pendulum summoning being a thing now. Duels take long enough with playing the game, inner monologging, smack talk and Shadow Realm nonsense. There’s no time for any of that anymore. Such a shame😭😹

  7. Welp thank god they didn't have cutscene for each card

  8. This is a bad advert because I want to play what prozd is playing so much more

  9. MMMMMs: 10
    BDILD (Boy do I love dairy)s: 2
    BDIHWMCD (Boy do I hate when my cows die)s: 3
    HUMIC (Hey uhh im a cheese)s: 6
    HIDH (Hey im Drivin ere)s: 2
    HIRH (Hey im Ridin ere): 3
    Correct me if Im wrongs: 0
    Plz like im lonelys:0

  10. "Alright, my turn"
    – Famous last words

  11. In proZD the movie: Dairy farmer survived Lysanderoth’s attack on the village, but Lysanderoth shot some of the cows. So when the party fight Lysanderoth, Dairy farmer joins the fight and yells at Lysanderoth, “BOY DO I HATE WHEN MY COWS DIE!”

  12. After I read the title I knew the vid was sponsered

  13. This is hilarious! I especially love your cow impression!

  14. ahahhahahahahahahahahahahaa HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM IM A COW

  15. Me: Tropico ptsd flashback*


  16. B O I
    D O
    H A T E
    W H E N
    M Y
    C O W S
    D I E

  17. I love how the cheese says hey I’m a cheese

  18. It would've been a shorter and way better match if he used Black Brie

    Edit: nvm that card is illegal

  19. Cows: mmmmmmm
    Dairy Farmer: Boy do I love dairy
    Cheese: oh yeah I'm a cheese
    Dairy truck driver: Hey I'm drivin' here!
    Angry dairy farmer: Boy do I hate when my cows die
    Dairy cow rider: Hey I'm ridin' here!

  20. Plot twist: this is a sequel to "when you have a really good turn in a Card game" video

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