Cardinals vs. Dodgers NL Wild Card Game Highlights (10/6/21) | MLB Highlights -

Cardinals vs. Dodgers NL Wild Card Game Highlights (10/6/21) | MLB Highlights

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Cardinals vs. Dodgers NL Wild Card full game highlights from 10/6/21.

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  1. Amazing game, nice to see mlb get some videos on trending.

  2. We should have had that Dodgers-Giants 2014 NLCS, but the Dodgers had to choke against Cardinals that year in the division series.

  3. that was the craziest atmosphere i have ever been in. every inning ending with a strikeout had dodgers stadium roaring, and the taylor walkoff to end it all, INSANE

  4. Even though I’m a huge Dodgers fan, I don’t support the one game playoff. Maybe best out of 3 like in college?

  5. Its Playoffs! Every team ups their game. Get ready Giants! Were coming for you!

  6. What a great game produce by cards and Dodgers 😌😎.

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  8. Estaba viendo el partido en foxsport México … Los comentaristas nada de emoción. … es mejor ESPN pero los comentaristas de USA son excelentes …

  9. Cards fan here. Our defense did everything to keep us in this game. But 0-11 with runners in scoring position wont win may games. Plus the minute Reyes was added in the 9th I knew it was game over. I expected the walk-off, unfortunately.

  10. as a Dodger guy I'm so happy, but i wanna give credit to the Cardinals

  11. Let's go Blue!!!! It feels like a back to back year.

    Also, have the Dodgers and Giants ever gone head to head in the playoffs before? At least in the modern era?

  12. Dodgers At Giants in the NLDS on Friday 9:37pm on TBS-first Playoff meeting between the 2 teams from the NL West

  13. After seeing home run victories from Ozzie Smith, Jack Clark and Matt Adams, for us Dodger fans, this was sweet payback! 🙂

  14. What is everyone’s opinion on Trevor Bauer?

  15. Great to see the Dodgers get a W. But i dont understand why the 2nd best team in MLB season must play a wild card game?

  16. Alex Reyes already knew it was Gone. He was walking off the field soon as he heard the crack of the Bat.


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  18. Giants vs Dodgers is the 2021 World Series.


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  20. From a royals fan. Cardinals, you guys did a good job today. You may not have won, but you came into the game fighting. Kudos to you.

    To the Dodgers. Congrats on your wild card victory. Do your best going forward.

  21. 10 runners in scoring position looking for trouble on the road against unhittable late relievers

  22. 39 year old, adam wainwright still pitch so well and also did the best season performance over the past 7 years, with 206 innings 168 Hits ERA 3.05 , 174 SO . whip 1.057, H/9-7.3!

  23. This game was so intense! You never knew what was going to happen! The beauty of October Baseball! Let’s go Dodgers!

  24. with Joe West umpiring, Dodgers fans must have been extra nervous! The pitch at 4:56 was nowhere near a strike!!

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  26. Not even a dodgers fan but the defending Champs with 106 wins absolutely should not be losing in a 1 and done wild card game. Its only fitting they won for a date with the giants

  27. I'm a true Dodger Fan. Great respect for the Cardinals organization. Winners!!

  28. Good move Taking out Schurzer in the 5th ending. Dodgers have plenty of relief pitching. Use them!!

  29. So Mitt Mittens, how did the Dodgers taste?

  30. Can anyone wear the whole uniform more tighter than that Cardinals player?

  31. Even as a Cards fan, this was an amazing game to watch. Dodgers were/are simply better this year. That’s one for the memories for Dodgers fans.

    And Joe West’s pants don’t fit him.

  32. Can alex reyes go back to memphis where he belongs?

  33. Let’s gooooooo Dodgers won 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  34. Yeah baby! We earned it. Let's go Dodgers!!!!!

  35. heard game on radio had to come here to see it! 🔥

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