Cards game (kitty party) fun game 😊 -

Cards game (kitty party) fun game 😊

Bharti Bajaj
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  1. I don't get how we should make and make equal with

  2. What is to be done if the counting of card is not equal to j, q, k??

  3. M surely gonna keep this on my birthday πŸ˜€

  4. Kucha smaz me nhi aaya
    J or q ke kitne point gine aapne

  5. Nice game
    1 card me do pare bane to 2 points ?

  6. Hiiii…… Mujhe anarkali theam pr koi game or tambola chahiye….. Plzzzz

  7. Please suggest me some theme for kitty party

  8. Interesting game..l am playing this game today in my kitty

  9. Hii.. can u plz suggest me any group couple kitty game on cards theme!!!

  10. Mam pls you make slightly hard games


    Normal game for kids

  11. Please give English subtitles,
    that way you will get more subscribers.

  12. like if it is the most boring game in the world

  13. I really wish that people would NOT USE ENGLISH TITLES IF the video is NOT IN ENGLISH.
    and not even enable closed captions.
    Please stop wasting our time.

  14. Kisi ka do se jada bana to usse kese count kare koi b colour mai.suppose begam mai two bana to last mai kese count hoga plz tell

  15. 1 game ma 3 Hukum ka bana ha phir ya 1 paan ka card kaha sa aya

  16. Dude I thought your name was baldi…..then I checked and figured that your name was not baldi

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