CGRundertow ULTIMATE CARD GAMES for Nintendo DS Video Game Review -

CGRundertow ULTIMATE CARD GAMES for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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Ultimate Card Games review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Ultimate Card Games from Cosmigo and Telegames for the Nintendo DS. Ultimate Card Games was originally released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. After several years of delays, it finally made its way to the Nintendo DS in 2011. This version is largely the same as the Game Boy version, which was praised for being a comprehensive collection of card games with a plethora of game modes. The same can be said for this new version, which also adds online play. If you’re looking for a cartridge with just about every card game imaginable, you won’t find one better than Ultimate Card Games. This video review features video gameplay footage of Ultimate Card Games for the Nintendo DS and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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  1. Always thought this was a GBA game, didn't know about the DS version.:0

  2. Looks like a fantastic game… for those, of course, who love card games.

  3. If I found this for a few bucks in the future I'd probably buy it.

  4. Card Games on Motorcycles…… or Dule Screens!

  5. Does it got spider solitaire? That's all I need.

  6. It more of a "have you ever had a chance to play these card games or ever had an interest in them?" situation.

  7. Derek doesn't know how to play Solitaire?? That's kind of a surprise to me! 😮

  8. all I want is to play euchre with my friend via wifi. Is this possible?

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  10. Wait, this game actually finally got RELEASED? :O Excuse me while I go download it to check out its soundtrack; I fricken LOVE its GBA version's soundtrack! 😀

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  12. Derek, there's thousands of different versions of Solitaire, not just 20.

  13. Should… Uh… Should someone tell him that there are literally hundreds of solitaire games? lol

  14. Just bought Best of Solitaire | cosmigo for $3 on eshop and tested it. Highly recommended, it also has the very addictive Penguin variant (go to settings and set it to follow color, ignore suit). Also saves, undoes and the (i) shows the rules. The #free spaces in reserve == #cards you can move around.

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