Charlie Morton, Yandy Diaz power Rays past A's in WC game | AL Wild Card Game Highlights -

Charlie Morton, Yandy Diaz power Rays past A’s in WC game | AL Wild Card Game Highlights

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Condensed Game: Charlie Morton tossed five strong frames, while Yandy Diaz and the Rays crushed four home runs to defeat the Athletics, 5-1

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  1. Charlie Brown Morton. Helped Houston to seal the WS, he will definitely help Tampa Bay even if they don't make the Fall Classic or they move to Montreal.
    In all respect, depending on how this team performs, they may keep the team in St Pete.

  2. As an Astro’s fan I was worried about having to play the A’s in the playoffs but maybe they’re only good in the regular season lol

  3. At least one florida team is good😓 go rays

  4. Muy fcuk'n disappointo. . . Deceived on multiple levels

  5. Yandy Diaz = 1st pitch swinging! ☆☆

  6. Oakland's radio announcer has the best play by play voice I've heard

  7. Do you ever see a comment and think

    "Wish I'd written that"

  8. Nationals: there is no worse team then use in the postseason

    Athletics:Hold my L’s

  9. Wow, what a way for the Rays to start, a leadoff homer to douse the enthusiasm of the home crowd. That Diaz looks like an old school clean up hitter batting first (and showed it with his second dinger). I've been a fan of the A's and Billy Beane's Moneyball mentality since the movie but they picked a bad time to go into a scoring slump. Good luck Rays against the other A team, the Astros

  10. My favorite part of the game is when the Rays lost to the Athletics.

    Ahahahaha jk jk.

  11. I went to the game and I was swinging the Bashin' A's towel like crazy. I also can't believe that Mount Davis was sold out too XD

  12. The effin-A's! Way to go Devil rays!⚾😃

  13. Good job rays from a angels fan 🙌🏾 beat Houston

  14. I feel like I'm the only one who predicted Tampa Bay to win.

  15. Why don't they consider best of three for wild card games?

  16. Well I had the A's all the way…but Morton really shut them down. What started off as a good beginning ended up with a sad ending.😢

  17. I like how from now on they are probably gonna do chapange party's right after they win lmao.

  18. Sorry a’s fans rays were the underdogs with nothing to loose.the a’s r a regular season team they can’t handle pressure games especially a team with no speed and don’t hit only hr’s.

  19. 2 of the lowest payrolls. and the Angels with a world series payroll cant make the playoffs SMH.

  20. World champion pitcher ! Charlie Morton ! takes them OUT! GO CHARLIE!!!

  21. That should do it for baseball in a North American multipurpose stadium — hopefully, for sure this time.

  22. A's You guys had a great season. All that starts well never always end well…too
    So give yourselves some love. Other teams will go through the same outcome, cause only one team wins. Other teams will suffer lost games too.

  23. Really thought A's would get this one at home

  24. Just Like The SuperBowl In 2002….. Tampa Over Oakland

  25. A’s choke EVERY YEAR so this doesn’t count Tampa 🤣

  26. The problem with a’s when they get to the playoffs u have to face opponents #1 and the teams looks lost!!!

  27. I admire the A's fanbase in this. The one thing I kept thinking was "wow, these people are energetic". Much respect.

    Miss my Rays.

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